Best FPS games - Must play single player campaigns

GamesRadar - We've gone through what our must-play multiplayer FPS game are, but what about the other side of the coin. This week we're highlighting the best single player campaigns you can experience from the first person perspective.

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2195d ago
Blastoise2195d ago

Some good choices, but I`d put Timesplitters 2 on this list somewhere

izumo_lee2195d ago

I would have put Killzone 2 rather than Killzone 3. KZ3 is a good game but i felt that the campaign for KZ2 was deeper & more rewarding.

Resistance 1 or 3 i would add to that list as well.

cpayne932195d ago

I definitely agree. Killzone 3 may have had better enviroments than Killzone 2, but 2 had much better story, presentation, and gameplay imo. R1 and 3 are among my favorite campaigns ever.

masa20092195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

Killzone 3 was very uneven. The story started well enough but didn't go anywhere and the characters were awful.

Halo CE has like one third of the game consisting of either backtracking or cut and paste rooms. Reach has some of these flaws but not quite to the same extent, so I'd pick Reach even though the Halo 1 story was the best.

Half Life 2 was a good game but most segments of the campaign (hovercraft, abandonned hospital, street fights...) were stretched too thin. I think HL1 or Episode 2 are better.

Bulletstorm was fun, but the skill shot system wasn't really varied enough, and there segments where the narrative disappeared for a bit too long. It is very good, but maybe a bit short and superficial to make the cut.

Modern Warfare has its moments of sheer spectacle, but the infinite respawns, reused maps in a couple levels, obvious scripting and insta-deaths when you veer off the beaten path prevent it from standing out as well.

Of all these games, I'd say only Metroid Prime, and Deus Ex are true standouts.
Deus Ex was not very polished (AI, item placement) but the sheer scope of the campaign does warrant a mention.
Far Cry 2 is polarizing but it was very ambitious, that's a bold choice but a respectable one.

I kinda like No One Lives Forever although it has not aged super well because of stealth and no objective markers.
AVP2 is another good one from Monolith.
Raven Soft is another company that's used to making solid SP FPS.

Lord_Sloth2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

These lists all have the exact same titles on them. I'd love to see an actual opinion up there for once. I find it hard to believe everybody's favorite FPS is Half-Life.

Sure, it's great, but SOMEBODY has to have a different favorite somewhere. What of Perfect Dark 64? That's my personal favorite, campaign and all.

Half of these lists are just "what everybody wants to hear" rather than what the writer is actually thinking. Character lists are always topped off by Mario, Link, or Gordon Freeman, shooters are always topped off by Half Life or CoD. Never really anything else, anywhere. Where are the opinions?

As I said, yeah, a lot of people like Half Life, but why does EVERYBODY always play the same things? Let's see some variety somewhere.

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