Here's some of PS3's easiest Platinum Trophy games writes:

"Ever feel like that Platinum is looking more distant by the second? Do you crave the chance just to relax and hoover up some care-free Trophies? Then you could be in luck. has decided to cobble together a quick list of some of the easiest Trophies known to mankind."

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daggertoes832262d ago

Terminator salvation for sure

SavageFlamingo2262d ago

All the Lego games are easy and straightforward to get platinum trophies.

wenaldy2262d ago

Hannah Montana and Terminator Salvation.

GaryOak2262d ago

Infamous 1+2,Assassins Creed 2,Fallout 3,Darksiders,Skyrim.All easy,they just take a bit of time.But on the bright side,you can show them to your friends without getting the "Dude,that's Hannah Montana..." stare.

guitarded772262d ago

Yeah, I have inFAMOUS and AC2... they weren't too difficult. Fallout and Skyrim aren't that hard either... just time consuming. Cool thing is those are all manageable platinums for good games. Another easy, EASY platinum is a downloadable platformer called Spare Parts. Not a bad game at all and the easiest platinum I ever got.

rdgneoz32262d ago

The shard collecting in the first Infamous game was a pain in the ass to do.

Campy da Camper2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

I have a buddy who would beg to differ, lol. He has all trophies except he cannot find the very last shard. He well passed obsessed and half way into bat shit crazy lol

That said, I am a proud holder of plat for 1&2 and all trophies for Festival of Blood. Infamous is hands down my favorite IP for this generation.

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The story is too old to be commented.