GTA: Liberty City Stories on Vita Next Week

An interesting tidbit of news was revealed by The Official PlayStation Blogcast, and it has to do with one of the most commercially successful PlayStation Portable games ever released: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

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-Mezzo-2349d ago

This will be awesome for Vita owners, cannot wait to hear about a New GTA Game For Vita.

PoSTedUP2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

this will do nothing for me...

i would totally be much more happier with a new announced game that doesn't come out for another 6 months to a year then have a last gen psp game thrown at us. is it a HD version? if not i already owned and played this game...

Grap2349d ago

it's really bad game. i played it on PS2 about 5 years ago. nothing so special

TheLastGuardian2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Liberty City Stories is the only 3D GTA game I haven't beat. Some of the missions are pretty hard.

I own the three PSP GTA games on UMD so I wont buy them on PSN. I just bought a different PSP game to play on my Vita, Persona 3 Portable for $10.

Rockstar really should make a GTA exclusive to the PS Vita.
San Andreas Stories I hope!

SillyBastid2348d ago

not sure how hard it was... but the controls were a friggan disaster. Only reason I didnt finish it.

Tony-A2349d ago

Ahh, I miss LCS. A PS2-level GTA on the PSP was a genius idea and I'm glad the handheld was able to handle it. Just recently got 100% in VCS!

I'm still praying for a San Andreas Stories.. hahaha

MySwordIsHeavenly2349d ago

You can already download it on your PS3 and transfer it to your Vita. O_o

The only game I've downloaded from the PS3 than can't do that was Mod Nation Racers for PSP.

CaptCalvin2349d ago

But not everyone of us has a PS3 do we?

xursz2349d ago

Seriously? O_O

Go get one now! :O

CaptCalvin2349d ago

Don't need don't want. I'm always moving around and don't feel like lugging around a PS3 and TV.

xursz2348d ago

I can respect that. But you're telling me you miss out on TONS of the most amazing gaming experiences because you can't be bothered hooking up a console in your livng Room?

As a gaming hobbyist, I feel really bad for you. :|

CaptCalvin2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Well I can't afford the luxury of being a gaming hobbyist like you right now. I spend maybe 1 hour a week in my living room at the most.

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Xof2348d ago

Well, they have to do something for news to keep the Vita relevant during this summer and autumn of nogaems.

joeorc2349d ago

you can download and Play Vice City stories on your PSVita also i currently have it on my PSVita, again no trophy support added. but the resolution is increased, and the 2nd analog is mapped to work on it, and with the PC you can transfer the save file so it's pretty good.

tigertron2349d ago

Hopefully Rockstar will make a Vita only GTA like LCS and VCS on the PSP. San Andreas Stories, perhaps?

teedogg802349d ago

I'm pretty certain that will be happening soon.

PoSTedUP2349d ago

wait who are you!? please, tell me more oh chosen one.

dcortz20272349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

San Andreas Stories on the PS Vita would be effing sweet! Imagine being able to play one of the best GTA games on the go with analog sicks, buttons, and great graphics on the PS Vita? I hope SAS on the PS Vita really does happen! Plus, it would sell tons of PS Vita's and copies of the game as well!

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