Harmonix and EA Confirm Plans to Ship Stand Alone Instruments for Rock Band on February 12th

Harmonix, one of the world's leading developers of music-based games, and MTV Games, part of Viacom's MTV Networks (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B), along with distribution partner Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS), announced today that individual instrument peripherals for Rock Band will start shipping to U.S. store shelves beginning on February 12th.

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Siesser3797d ago

Cool. I'll finally be picking up a copy of the game and some drums then.

darkness within3797d ago

a european release before stand alone instruments in the us

Majere3797d ago

Now I will get the game. Glad I waited to pick it up!

Yuprules3797d ago

Wow, everyone was waiting for the stand alone stuff to buy the game :)

RecSpec3797d ago

I also found that a little weird. 170 is a lot, but you aren't going to play single player most of the time are you? Could have split the bill up. I mean if you were too cheap to dish out for the set, how are you going to buy songs for it? At the most you save what? 60-70 bucks?

roybatty3797d ago

Because I'm not buying another guitar, I already have the guitar hero controller.
I want to buy the rock band disc, but I can't afford more hardware this minute.

Electricear3797d ago

Activision made the PS3 GH3 controllers proprietary instead of open standard unlike all the other controllers for other systems. Harmonix made a patch for Rock Band so it could use the Custom controllers of GH3, but Activision wants them to pay a fee to use it... Harmonix refused to pay because all their controllers for older GH games prior to selling the property rights to Activision have been open standard for all game developers. Thus your current proprietary controller is being limited by Activisions Greed. Fortunately Activision has more than likely screwed them self in the process as they are now going to have to patch Guitar Hero to work with Rockband Controllers if they want to sell future units of their product on the PS3. In all likely hood Harmonix will offer them a patch trade for each others controllers so that both will work with each others games, but honestly Activision did damage to their Franchise with their actions, and I'll probably not purchase GH3 even if they do patch the game simply because they screwed the consumer by doing what they did.

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