Second Teaser For The Dark Knight Rises Game

It's only a week until The Dark Knight Rises is released in cinemas and also for Gameloft official tie-in game, who has today released a second teaser trailer.

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daggertoes832198d ago

woohooo!!! Rocksteady who? Just joking. Still looks pretty cool for a cheap mobile game though.

MastaMold2198d ago

Does look cool but I dont want to play this on my cell should have also released it on ps vita and 3ds WTF!

MrGunny942198d ago

Looks very good i picked up the Amazing Spider Man and it was a good one looking forward to this

jay22198d ago

What a LOAD OF POO a HUGE franchise like this, and what will be a huge movie only makes it to mobile devices! WRONG.

2198d ago