Wii U Games EDGE Wants To See

EDGE- "Nintendo has shown its hand for launch, but what's next? We examine the Wii U games that could transform the console's prospects."

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WeskerChildReborned1899d ago

GTA V on Wii U would be pretty sick.

Hisiru1899d ago

"Grand Theft Auto V"

I don't think it's going to happen but it would make developers respect the platform and I am sure GTA can sell on any system.

Yangus1899d ago

I want see WiiU:Monolith Soft Jrpg,Monster Hunter,FF,Zelda.

WeskerChildReborned1899d ago

Yea same here, i would love to see Zelda or maybe a Pokemon U.

trickman8881899d ago

>Grand Theft Auto 5 WiiU

LOL no.

DivineAssault 1899d ago

ppl can dream cant they? look at the ds version of gta.. after that attempt they said eff it.. It was a good game too but Nintendo fans dont like games like that

R_A_LEE201899d ago

I hope Kojima sticks to his word about making a unique Wii U game although saying that, a few years ago he quoted several times that he would love to make a Wii game but he never got around to it.

Hopefully he make his mind up and bring MGS 5 to the Wii U or it'd be more epic if he brought the HD remakes to the console along with a HD version of Twin Snakes but I can only dream.

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