Here Are The Top 20 Most Requested Games For OUYA

The guys behind Ouya set up a survey to ask people just which games they wanted to see on the new platform and a Top 20 List of over 45,000 votes has been generated, with a few obvious ones (Call of Duty, GTA) and a few surprises (Battletoads, Limbo).

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BringingTheThunder2168d ago

i doubt we'll see any of the big games on ouya, maybe some of the downloadable ones.

Auron2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

We may see some big name companies take some chances if the ouya does well

TrendyGamers2168d ago

This list made me really want to play Battletoads and Timesplitters.

rolandfurious2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

This comment made me really want to play Battletoads and Timesplitters.

AnotherProGamer2168d ago

I don't think some of the big publishers will allow there games to be given for free like call of duty. but if they can get even half those games I might have to get a OUYA.

TrendyGamers2168d ago

I'm still undecided about the Ouya, it needs confirmed games before I get excited.

XUnit2168d ago

Oh, TimeSplitters could become interesting for me if it gets a chance on this platform! :o

TheDestroyer2168d ago

PS Mobile + PS Vita = Ouya.

12345bnm2168d ago

You're right, pussycat.

TheDestroyer2168d ago

Stop calling me a pussycat, you wierdo.

12345bnm2168d ago

@ pussycat
Sorry, kitten.

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