New GTA V Screenshots Prove PS4 and Xbox 720 Aren't Yet Needed

Techtorial: Rockstar's unexpected release for GTA V's new screenshots spawned a lot of theories, one of which is the assumption the game is matched for next-generation consoles. Let's do some data gathering and see if the theory matches the reality.

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Angels37851901d ago

I'm almost certain they did not say which platform the screens were taken on. It could be PC for all we know.....I'd love to see graphics like that on ps3/360, but I'm not too sure. Plus this could end up being like GTA IV, with frame rate drops that even managed to plague the PC version even with a beast of a system. I had an HD 6990, AND an i7 2600k and i had to tone the settings down to get it at good consistant frames (I came late to the gta IV PC party). Plus if I remember correctly there were significant drops on consoles as well during points with multiple AI and action sequences....until I see gameplay that is from Xbox 360 or ps3, these screens could be edited, upscaled, the PC version, or be possible, but with a bad frame rate.

brodychet1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

whatever the case may be, I need this game more than I want most games. rock*<3

BiggCMan1901d ago

If they can just make the game fun to play, graphics won't matter much at all. I think for now, most are just expecting similar graphics to GTA 4, just a little more time put into it to run smoother, and have much more color in it. Textures won't be much different, and over all quality will remain similar as well.

But none of that matters if the game is just as boring as 4 was. It was a well made game, but the lack of fun things to do is what killed it for me. The game was made to be more grown up, and not wild and crazy like the PS2 games. But the fans will tell you, most of us prefer the PS2 games, so they need to bring that back.

But more on the topic of this article, I guess they think the screenshots are breathtaking, or some of the best graphics ever? I can tell you now that they are far from jaw dropping when I have GTA 4 and Skyrim currently looking like this on my personal computer.

1901d ago
Razmossis1900d ago

It'll be a long time before I have a spare 400 pound to spend again, they can keep their 'next gen' consoles, im happy with my PS3 and games the way they are... as far as im concerned, THIS gen is still 'next gen'.

JhawkFootball061900d ago

Everything this gen looks better with screenshots. The hard part is to make it look just as good with motion.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1901d ago

knowing most devs it's pc screens. Plus rockstar are already using dx11 on pc.

Shaman1901d ago

Just want to say that R* NEVER releases bullshots. They released direct feed screens with GTA IV, RDR, MP3 and now with GTAV. You can clearly see aliasing, and B3D has confirmed they are native 720p and FXAA. Those are console shots, definitely.

chukamachine1900d ago

THey are console shots, it should look slightly better then GTA4, fxaa should help. Just needs a decent story.

Eyesoftheraven1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

What also gives it away is how the detail in the wooden pier texture fades while still fairly close to the camera, indicating a relatively low amount of anisotropic filtering.

Rettom1900d ago

This guy ^^^ is intelligent

Computersaysno1900d ago

They aren't PC. PC would look better than these shots for sure.

Gorilla_Killa_X1900d ago

I agree that those are clearly console screenshots and not PC.

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Oh_Yeah1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

really? -__- the best were going to get on consoles in terms of open world graphics have already been achieved, i dont see any games topping skyrim, just cause 2, far cry series or red dead...itll look in the ballpark of those if anything. end of story.

vortis1900d ago

Fanboys are retarded. You sir, are correct.

Games can't look any better than what they do. THE HARDWARE IS STILL THE SAME FROM 2005/2006!

Where do you fanboys get the idea that newer games for consoles will look like high-end DX11 games on PC? Where are the consoles getting this extra GPU power and RAM from?!?!

SnakeforPresident1900d ago

Vortis your right only in that consoles cant touch a high end DX11 pc. But to say that games look the same as from 2005 is retarded. Graphics arent just GPU and Ram. Look at a launch ps3 game and uncharted 3 and tell me they look the same. Sounds like u have no idea of how much you can squeeze out of good software.

tee_bag2421900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )


What is is saying is optimization on the PS3/360 hardware has been happening since 2005/2006. Sure we have seen great improvements since then as that is many year of optimization. But now, 6-7 years later games aren't going to magically look much better than they presently do.

Lazy_Sunday1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

They are probably taken on PC. If you remember Ubisoft and EA Games at E3, they debuting FarCry 3 and Watch Dogs / Crysis 3 and MoA:WF using 360 controllers plugged into decked out gaming PCs. It's not a shoddy new business tactic, devs have been doing it for ages. The problem is the hardware gap has become so large between consoles and PCs that it's now blatantly apparent.

tee_bag2421900d ago

Haha, gotta love the upset disagree's

StraightPath1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Will xbox 360 be the premier grand theft auto experience again? If gta5 comes with exclusive dlc again on xbox 360 I am sure ill be getting the 360 version. Since by the time dlc came on ps3 was anciet history n old. Ps3 didnt have trophies until patch. Graphics were worse aswell as all multiplatforms on ps3. So xbox 360 version it is again.

Although pc mods are the best n graphics are insane on pc. No one cares about it after 5 year late pc graphics mod. Pc got a broken port at first remember.

Xbox 360 version of gta4 was the best.

tee_bag2421900d ago

Fanboy much?

You could at least try and be more subtle.

I felt a chunk of vomit in my throat after reading that.

Awesome_Gamer1900d ago

It's the console version, it's rendered in 720p and it doesn't have AA (understandable because it's in the beta stage)

NoFanboyRequired1900d ago

If the game is sub HD, and has frame drops like gta4 (which most likely will be). Then yes. Next Gen is needed. If my imac, with a 256mb gpu can run most games at 1080/1440p, why can't my Xbox?

I seriously want next Gen next year. I want to utilize that full 1080p on my new 46 inch Toshiba!

The game looks great either way though. Day one buy for me!

SuperStrokey11231900d ago

uh yeah... what games are running at that resolution on an imac?

NoFanboyRequired1900d ago

Many games when you have windows installed. Hmm, lets see. The newer imacs with 2GB HD Radeon's in them. Stop being a little "PC" fanboy. Maybe do some research before you open your trap. :)

Gta4 on the imac. Game resolution at 1080. recording at 480p.

Crysis 2 at 2560x1440.

Bad company 2 in 1440p

There's your answer. Have a nice day noob. :3

SuperStrokey11231899d ago

Typo in my post, it should read what games are you playing at the resolution as you only have a 256 meg card as clearly the games you are running would be far different than those you posted.

Either way you clearly have a chip on your shoulder... of course i would too if i gamed on a mac (im just bugging you, not serious at all so please dont freak out).

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tehpees31900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Your right. Its impressive. I think its taken from the PC version myself but if Rockstar have squeezed that much out of the visuals then I expect frequent loading (and a lot of frame rate drops) from it.

And I disagree with this srticle. The consoles have had a good run but its time for new tech. Last gen people would have been ready for new systems last year but because Microsoft and Sony aren't ready the rest of the world must not be right? >_>

I don't even care if its a minor leap. We need fresh tech. I know I'm not the only one thinking this. Even if MS and Sony aren't ready, a lot of gamers are.

Veneno1900d ago

Although I really didnt like gta4 geez ppl stop being douches. Look at Red Dead and how pretty that was even on 360. Red Dea was the game that proved to me that this generation is not getting old, but not enough developer are actually putting in the work to get these gorgeous graphics out of these consoles. I'm a 3D artist and I know that you don't sit at the computer and say " ok computer, make something pretty." It takes ACTUAL TALENT AND WORK. Like the people at Rockstar and Naughty Dog do all the time.

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MWH1901d ago

speak of yourself kid.

brodychet1901d ago

i'm speaking for plenty, kid.

MWH1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

that may be right.. but not plenty enough to hold back next gen, kid.

jessupj1900d ago

We are in desperate need of next gen consoles.

Just look at any game on the PC with decent settings.

NoFanboyRequired1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Right? Battlefield 3 on low settings for the PC still looks better than what the PS360 version looks like.

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SephirothX211901d ago

Wait until we see some gameplay but things are looking promising so far.

DivineAssault 1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

Shut the front door! we do need nx gen consoles.. Look at how great the PCs run games compared to consoles.. We need native 1080p+ games in 60fps on home consoles.. Not small arcade or indie games either..

We need unreal 4 & luminous engines running on home consoles with minimal to no stress

HammadTheBeast1900d ago

Indy games are better than a lot of big budget games. Gameplay is what makes it, graphics may break it. Graphics on consoles will always be below PC. Yes it sucks, but console experiences are imo more fun. Voice chat built in, friends, and a huge variety if games more than make up for graphics.

Then again, I could be wrong...

andyboy131900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

The problem with 60fps is it won't happen unless console gamers cry out! You can make your game look twice as good if you don't have a playable frame rate... I think that until people accept the limits of a console, you won't see 60fps because that's how devs are getting better graphics. Cut the fps to make it look pretty.

That being said, sure 5 years or however long the consoles have been out does allow Devs to increase frame rates by optimization and understanding how the consoles handle code. Don't get me wrong on that. I just don't think that miracles can be performed without some new hardware. It kind of sucks being a pc gamer... Max Payne 3 for instance was optimized for pc, but my 2 year old system runs it at 200-300fps on max settings... Would be nice for consoles to push the gaming industry forward, because devs really don't care about the pc gamer at the end of the day.

DivineAssault 1900d ago

BS.. They care enough.. Look @ skyrim, Witcher, BF3, hell console owners didnt even get Star Wars TOR.. PC gets some attention.. & blizzard pretty much only caters to PC gamers..

ArtificiallyYours1900d ago

You cannot base the need of new consoles only on Graphics.

That's insane, and undermines why we concern ourselves with it in various departments.

JBSleek1901d ago

Indeed I couldn't agree. Photos of an unreleased game that are probably PC based proves we don't need replacements for 6-7 year old hardware. Got you.