A Peek Into The Future of Pandora: Borderlands 2 | Console XP

Kittie wrote: "Borderlands 2 is set to hit stores this year on September 18th for United States retailers or September 21st internationally. Like the original, Borderlands 2 will be developed by Gearbox, produced by 2K Games, and will be running Epic Games’ Modified Unreal Engine 3, as well as being put on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and PC and Sony’s Playstation 3. Unfortunately, there is no information, as of yet, if the game will be released on Apple’s MAC or Nintendo’s next generation system, the Wii U. Borderlands 2 will still be classified as a role-play shooter; that is, a shooter with role-playing elements. It will also have the infamous cartoon-like cell shading that its original had. Also expect four classes, three-branch skill trees, and four player online co-op!"

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