Speculatron 9000: What if Microsoft Buys Activision?

Recently a news report has come from Reuters stating that Vivendi is now shopping Activision around, and one of the buyers that could be interested in the the 61% controlling stake of Activision (last known value 8.1 billion dollars) could be Microsoft.

So, with that said, put on your tin foil hats videogame conspiracy theorists, it’s once again time to fire up the Speculatron 9000 and take a look down the road at what this could mean for the future of our favorite hobby. While we will travel down Dooooooom Street, not all of this could be viewed as bad, for the record, this is not an all anti-Microsoft article, and is purely speculation.

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NYC_Gamer2193d ago

That would be a very sad day for gamers having a console brand owner calling the shots for one of the biggest third party publishers

SuburbanHell2193d ago

Agreed. It makes for an interesting scenario.

Grap2193d ago

The Union of The Devilz? oh thank god the good people always win(Sony,Nintendo).

brish2193d ago

Q. What if Microsoft Buys Activision?
A. All activision/blizzard games become xbox exclusives.

Emilio_Estevez2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

It's illogical for MS to buy them. Activision owns rights to many, many games. If MS were to up and make them all Xbox (maybe PC as well) exclusives then they would effectively cut the value of Activision in half, maybe more depending on how the platform spread is. Because it wouldn't be just the PS3 losing the games, all mobile platforms (except WindowsPhone, but who cares about that), and all Nintendo platforms as well. All of the studios under the Activision umbrella would have to cut staff and the company wouldn't be worth anywhere close as much as they paid.

Sephris2193d ago

I agree completely. Add to that how Activision would eventually be drawn completely into the Microsoft box of doing things and become limited to their rules and views. Activision has been pretty good at coming out with content that is outside of the game norms. With the major consoles afraid to take risks, companies like Activision have become the guinea pigs the big guys watch to see what direction their customers are interested in going to. A win for Activision is a win for consoles. A loss for Activision shows the big guys what not to do. If Microsoft buys Activision they will be giving themselves a blind spot that they really can't afford to have in our current economy.

fermcr2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

So... with all the software companies that Sony has, if "joined" together they could form a very big 3rd party software. By your logic Sony is losing a lot of money by not doing games for other platforms (Xbox, PC, Nintendo, mobile phones, etc). Same goes with Nintendo.

As for "What if Microsoft Buys Activision?", i don't believe so. They could if they wanted, but i don't believe they will.

EDIT: "No their business is set up that way. Activision is currently working on all platforms, so if they were to cut them all down to xbox, pc and WP7 only they would effectively have to cut their staffing at those studios and not make as much money from their games."

Nope. They don't have to cut extra staff. Those extra staff that were working on other platforms, would work on other new games. So instead of releasing 5-10 games on many platforms (home consoles, PC, IOS, Andorid, Windows mobile, etc), they could release 20 games on fewer platforms (Xbox, PC, Win Mobile). And please don't bring Patcher here. He hardly gets anything right.

Emilio_Estevez2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

No their business is set up that way and this has nothing to do with Sony/Ninty, please keep your fanboy logic out of what I was trying to keep logical.

Activision is currently working on all platforms, so if they were to cut them all down to xbox, pc and WP7 only they would effectively have to cut their staffing at those studios and not make as much money from their games. If you disagree then you clearly don't understand this proposition from a business standpoint. Patcher essentially said the same thing.

SlipperyMooseCakes2193d ago

The interesting part is that Bungie has a 10 year publishing deal with Activision. If Microsoft were to buy Activision, that would kind of defeat the purpose for awhile haha.

JBSleek2193d ago

Why are people assuming that MSFT buying Activision means the end to multiplatform support?

They are first and foremost a software company which out sources their products to people to use thus making them countless of money.

If I were them I would buy them and force Sony and Nintendo to pay a premium for every single title they want to use.

And yes does that hurt Microsoft short term it would certaintly but they would undoubtibly see a surge in consoles being sold to recieve their games and could be a longterm plan.

I rather have Microsoft in control of Activision then the other suitors.

I think Activsion needs to stay within a gaming company hands and thus Microsoft being the only player in the console space that could actually buy it.

adorie2193d ago

microsoft would have to be fools to invest in this company.
we are seeing the peak of all their franchises currently. The massive drop-off with regards to Diablo 3's inability to prove it can sustain longevity, the media's starting to attack CoD for the same reason people on N4G have been; same engine, sometimes same assets, same mechanics, WoW's starting to tapper off in subs as well and it looks like MoP will be their poorest expac launch yet.

SC2 is not even receiving half the praise that SC1 still receives to this day. Factor in the removal of LAN from the newest sequels of their games and the tons of dissatisfaction on the forums,which outnumber the Blizzard fanboy posts, roughly 5 to 1 and we're seeing the start of the fall of a giant.

I think Vivendi is being smart about this and doing this at the right time.
I honestly think Diablo 3 has to have some kind of hand or has to be a factor in why they are fast-tracking the sale of this pub/game dev since the media is blasting Diablo 3 harder than a Ghetto blaster on the corner of a New York street in 1984.
Couple that with the massive player drop-off supposedly coming from 3 sources that it is around 65% of players who have quit... 65 percent, if true is bad, since Diablo 3's entire businessmodel revolves around in-game transactions and the more people that leave the less likely you will see greater profits.

Only the hardest core or the fanboy-est fanboy are stillplaying and keeping it alive, not to mention the gold sellers.

Microsoft would have a lot to do if they bought this company and I fear they would drive it further into the ground.

On a side note, I think Sony and Google should forge a partnership and buy EA. Gaikai>PS4>Mobile Knock it out of the ballpark.

JBSleek2193d ago

1. Why would Google want Sony?

2. Why would Google buy EA

3. How would MSFT drive it into the ground? It's Microsoft we are talking about here the strongest software company in the US and possibly the world.

4. It may be a dumb investment from MSFT it might not be only time will tell.

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