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Poor Spidey has been in a slump in the video game industry. Spider-man 2 The Game unleashed Spidey’s potential full strength. Ever since, his games have been plagued with frustrating repetition, mediocre gameplay, and a lacking story. Shattered Dimensions brought hope that our favorite web-swinger was climbing his way out of the rut he fell into, but The Amazing Spider-man just about kicked him back into it...

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inMotionGaming2226d ago

You guys don't agree? We'd love to hear your thoughts...

WeskerChildReborned2226d ago

I just like the game overall, i know it's not perfect but all that matters is if you have fun with the game which i did.

inMotionGaming2223d ago

I agree with you 100% mate! I think people have become far too critical of games, always trying to find every little fault they can, and they LOVE to complain about them.

It is of course our job to point out the facts and tell it like it is, but this is never intended to discourage anyone from playing a game, or at least trying it out for themselves.

Plus, we all have different tastes and opinions, and it is great to see these varying opinions.

Thanks for your input.