Dead or Alive 5 babes laid bare in bunny bikinis – new shots

Dead or Alive 5 is all about the fighting... well mostly, but also the bikini-clad babes and we've got hold of two shots showing off the pre-order bonus bunny bikinis.

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Sephris2077d ago

Ahhh, an article after my own heart. Too bad it is NSAW. (Not safe Around Wife).

Tonester9252076d ago

You have a wife and you still drool over CGI women?

Sephris2076d ago

I didn't back when everything was 16 and 32 bit. lol! Actually it's kind of my wife's fault I drool over pixels. She does 3D modeling for video games and I've been programmed to find them either hot or not. To put it a better way, I drool over CGI girls, but I drool ON my wife. ^^

Drithe2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

Tonester925! Apparently you dont have a wife or are so pussy whipped you wont even look at another woman. But the question you have to ask yourself is, are you the man or woman in your relationship.

We can answer that one for yas..

End of Line.

guitarded772076d ago

@ Tonester925

Just because someone is married, it doesn't mean they can't still be glorious perverts. Actually, as people get older and more settled down, many become even bigger perverts. Maybe it's just a subliminal thing that monogamy bring out of people, but after you get older and married, you tend to watch more women's sporting events hoping for a nip slip, then you start to play the "I'd bang her" game while at the mall (even though you never would) and eventually it leads to the dark downward spiral of being turned on by anything with boobs. It's not that men aren't in love and attracted to their wives, we are just men... simple creatures by nature... we need food and sex. One day you will hopefully experience marital bliss for yourself, and after about 6 months of not trolling spots for ladies, you'll understand. Oh, and props to Sephris... "but I drool on my wife"... that made me laugh.

Grap2076d ago

what is wrong with you people? i mean i could careless about another man sexual activities.

MaxXAttaxX2076d ago

Tag 2 on day one though :P

BertlSenix2076d ago

My girlfriend is watching a lot of Anime and is getting wet all the time when the > girls < show skin.
Big boobs and all those funny scenes are exactly her taste.

People have such a narrow minded reality.
Oh you have a wife - At best buy her such a ninja outfit like those things(no one knows if there is even a girl underside) in Arabia and so on to wear.
Then you have once per month sex and thats it.
You know there are girls that like games,hot girls and in general couples who enjoy geeky stuff together?And no,they don't have to be fat and ugly - Even 9/10 on a hot meter couples do that.
But all you 5 year old Xbox Live CoD Heroes can't understand that.Don't push your balls to deep into the USB Ports of your sexy 360 while you masturbate to Marcus Fenix =)

Scenarist2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

Tonester925 .... lmfao dude .. u just.. i mean ... heyyy what can i say...

that is all

Getowned2076d ago

lol Tonester, Troll fail XD!

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Alcohog2076d ago

Oh Tonester. So young and full of wonder.

StraightPath2076d ago

when is doa xtreme 3 coming out

izumo_lee2077d ago

Oh Kasumi & Ayane why you have to look so delicious!!! Too bad my Hitomi is gonna kick both your @$$es. :D

Heavenly King2076d ago

Collector´s Edition Already pre-ordered :]

Tonester9252076d ago

You guys are the same people that would buy a robot to have sex with.

Sephris2076d ago

FEMBOTS! On a good note, robot women don't need you to cook them breakfast in the morning. :)

violents2076d ago

if your doing it right she cooks you breakfast in the morning! ha

MaxXAttaxX2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

What 'steverhude' above said.


Sephris2076d ago

I thought about what you guys said about the fembot cooking breakfast and suddenly I had some very disturbing imagery of where we would have to put the oil in one. lol

Irishguy952076d ago

If your gonna pay for sex at least make sure it won't give you Aids

Lord_Sloth2076d ago

Hmm...Would I have sex with a robot...

Yes. Would I purchase a robot for sex...No.

an0nym0us2076d ago

This Game is the fighter of the year, so much Content, so much Detail, to the fighters i mean look how real they look and fight its so real..... this game is mean`t to be taking seriously =P

MaxXAttaxX2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

Really though? DOA girls look real to you? That's a first.

They don't even have a**es

an0nym0us2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

Yes it's Real. I mean look at Ayane's Natural Purple hair, and purple pubic hair, and purple eyebrows, and purple underarm hair... In fact I saw a black guy just like Zack in my dream the other day. It was so real he acted just like Zack so Real so worth respecting.

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