FIFA 12 Goals of the Season

EA Sports FIFA 12 - Best goals of the season [VIDEO]

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cstyle2198d ago

These videos are just more proof that PES is the better game. Those goals are not very realistic and are just plain ridiculous. That is something you should see in games like FIFA street, not a football sim.

theWB272197d ago

I admittedly started getting into soccer during the world cup and have been getting more knowledgeable watching games and I've seen highlights of goals like these. Hell we saw a goalie get a goal last year. The American goalie got it.

cstyle2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

Bullshit dude. There are no highlights like those because thats just too flashy and soccer passes are never that perfect. Stuff like what you see in that vid happens way too often in FIFA You seem to be new to the sport so i understand your not knowing how the actual game is supposed to be simulated. This is the reason FIFA bought the license because they know PES simulates the game better. Same reason they bought the NFL license in Football. 2kgames had a better Football simulation. They don't have the exclusive NBA license and look how their NBA games fair against the 2K series.

theWB272197d ago

Seems like you just hate EA Sports more than anything.

You're right. Soccer has never ever produced highlights like these...EVER. My just started watching has more to do with naming players, managers, obscure players. I can "see" how the game is played and how plays build up. I can see how different teams apply pressure, how aggressive they are when it comes to having defenders playing loose or tight, or time possession.

This video speaks for itself. I could find more too. You're showing you know less about the sport than I do. Don't let the hate of EA blind you. game, even 2k or PES, perfectly replicate their sport. Calm down sailor : )

mafiahajeri2197d ago

I dont care if it simulates it better FIFA is the funner game...