'Borderlands 2' budget 'effectively triple, quadruple the original'

Borderlands 2's budget was "way more than double", according to Randy Pitchford.

The Gearbox Software president said while the actual budget was double the original game, it's effectively around three or four times because the studio didn't have to invent a whole new game.

"Effectively [the budget is] like triple or quadruple, because in Borderlands 1 we had a lot of invention. We had to figure these things out," he said.

Comparing the inventive process to Edison inventing the lightbulb, Pitchford said it was a "very expensive" ordeal.

"He knew he could do that, in the same way we knew what's fun about the RPG is the fun of collecting loot, and levelling up and growing and making choices.

"That's not mutually exclusive with the moment-to-moment fun of a shooter, we knew that, but we hadn't figured out all the details of what that means to put those two things together.

"You fish around in the dark, you try things and they don't work, and you try other things and you learn from what you tried, and build on that."

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avengers19782264d ago

They earned the money, with the each DLC. I am really looking forward to Borderlands 2... I bought the first used for 20... picking up #2 day one

taquito2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

that seems wasteful, it doesnt look any better, they are obviously using the same engine/assets

how much of that budget is advertising? my guess, 70%

don't get me wrong, i want the game a lot and quite enjoyed the first, but hearing they are spending triple on it but seeing it look largely the same makes me wonder if even half of those extra funds were allocated to the actual game, what it could be.

MySwordIsHeavenly2264d ago

Have you actually seen ANY gameplay for it? It is a MUCH larger world than the first Borderlands. It looks fantastic, has much more to do, has open/thriving towns, better AI (MUCH BETTER), and various gameplay changes.

lastdual2264d ago

It looks like the investment will be worth it.

NeoTribe2264d ago

Most anticipated game since d3.