Should We Forget Next-Gen Consoles – And Just Buy A PC Instead?

Hype continues to build around the next Xbox and PlayStation ahead of their expected arrival in 2013. But with PC gaming now offering unprecedented levels of variety, quality and convenience, Mark Butler argues that there may be compelling reasons to abandon consoles altogether.

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tigertron2343d ago


We buy consoles for convenience i.e. no need to upgrade for at least 6 years, can play with friends, can be more relaxing - like playing on your bed or sofa.

Lets not forget better exclusives. You won't find the likes of Nathan Drake and Super Mario on PCs.

LOGICWINS2343d ago

"Lets not forget better exclusives. You won't find the likes of Nathan Drake and Super Mario on PCs."

"Better" is highly subjective.

Yi-Long2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

... I am thinking about just putting a dedicated games-PC next to my plasma and opening a Steam-account.

I have spent a lot of money this gen on GREAT games, but in a few years time when my consoles break down, and I can't buy a new 360 or PS3, I want to be able to play my games. Or else it's been an investment flushed down the toilet.

With PC-gaming, backwards compatibility isn't really an issue, so it's 'safer'. And more and more great console-games are being ported over with better graphics and compatible with 360 or PS3 controllers, so 'convenience' is no longer an issue.

Looking at the current Steam-sales for example:

Portal 2 is now 5 bucks on Steam, or 30 bucks on XBLA Games on Demand. I think that speaks for itself.

I'm very much a console gamer and hardly ever play games on my PC, but at this point, I'm really thinking I should switch over.

LOGICWINS2343d ago

^^YUP, I'm switching over too. Most likely 2014.

jamesensor2343d ago

@ YI-Long

We can play games on pc from other consoles, other systems, from other ages. It's an amazing piece of hardware... I still play some games from DOS era, and they're exclusive, no console has those! (lol)

badz1492343d ago

you haven't already? what have you been doing all these times? you're missing on lots of great deals!

Awesome-Xanto2343d ago


Portal 2 is $5 because of Steams summer sale, it's not regularly that price... just pointing that out.

Awesome-Xanto2343d ago


Also backwards compatibility on the PC isn't even a sure thing anymore. With the new digital focus of PC's, games are tied to services. If Steam, Origin, or some future start up service was to fail or close, it's likely that you would lose access to your games.

Not to mention games now coming tied to internet connections on PC. What happens when they decide to shut down the servers, will they then allow us to play offline... who knows.

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Mariusmssj2343d ago

You can emulate all Wii games on PC and 60fps and up-scaled to 1080

Death_Grin482343d ago

Because piracy is the PCs most important and useful feature, right? >_>

Totoro172343d ago

Death Grin, you're a dolt! I have the Dolphin and emulate all my PURCHASED Wii games.

Death_Grin482343d ago


Good, but what about this guy up here? He didn't say anything about purchasing games at all.

beerkeg2343d ago


Why should he? You're the one with the stereotypical view. He didn't say anything about pirating, you just assumed it.

Mariusmssj2342d ago

Just to clear things up I was talking about legal copies, you make an iso and just play on your PC and you can use wii controllers on PC too :)

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )


1)"no need to upgrade for at least 6 years"

8800gtx release date Nov 2006.
BF3 720p, ultra settings.

2) " can play with friends"
lol playing with friends. (that was easy)

3)"can be more relaxing - like playing on your bed or sofa"
Playing on couch on 3 1080p hdtv's (console gaming times 10!)

Some PC exclusive not on consoles..

there are more but I will not be filling the page up with links.

Console gamers now have the convenience of updating, patching their games whilew steam does it for me in the backgournd while I play.

lol I can play online even if I don't update and you can't.

Also pc is the only place to get free cloud saving via steam.

SpecialK2343d ago

Wow, I've always been told that to play the latest games on good settings you had to replace parts every 6 months to a year.

if thats really running on 6 year old hardware, definitely changed my perspective on the costs of PC gaming.

Can any one else playing games on PC's confirm that?

Aageer2343d ago

Yep, that's easily confirmed. My current desktop rig was built over four years ago and I can run The Secret World on Ultra settings with a constant 50fps.

Hal0_0_EmElG2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )



"We buy consoles for convenience"

You buy consoles because you lack technical knowledge and buy whatever the media tells you , like every other two dimensional human being.

"i.e. no need to upgrade for at least 6 years"

Lies , my PC always out does a console cycle , can overclock it to extend its lifetime, change the odd part if I can be bothered/ or care.

"can play with friends"

You have no friends , many can be found through the ton of PC gaming communities , Steam has many of Facebook's features and an application to support it and then there is Battlenet , easiest applications in the world to use.

"can be more relaxing - like playing on your bed or sofa."

Till your dad comes home and beats your ass , I'm playing my PC on the Sofa right now guess someone should call the police as I have broken the laws of physics.

Also, Big Fat Executive Leather Chair >>>> Your crappy scabby sofa.

"Lets not forget better exclusives. You won't find the likes of Nathan Drake and Super Mario on PCs."

You wouldn't stick a bowl of ice cream in the oven now would you & better is very subjective , way more exclusives on PC and the quality continues to evolve , like to see you play HAWKEN or Tribes ascend on a Console; Nathen Drake and Mario have their place and that is on a console just like PC has it's own exclusives too.

Dms20122343d ago

You buy consoles because you lack technical knowledge and buy whatever the media tells you , like every other two dimensional human being.

Dude, I love PC gaming but some of your comments are why people tend to call us "elitists". You are not special because you can build a frigging gaming PC, nor are you better than these so-called "two dimensional human beings". I realize its the internet and you want to flex your E-peen, but get a fucking grip.

Hal0_0_EmElG2343d ago

"Dude, I love PC gaming but some of your comments are why people tend to call us "elitists""

Elitist is just a term used by the ignorant to make excuses for their unjustified purchases , if the comment I replied too had made valid claims, then sure that would have been cool , but to make false claims and actually believe it as though it true , warrants such a comment to be said.

If doing a little homework and knowing what is really going on behind the scenes and expressing that information against ignorance is elitism then so be it.

pandehz2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

Id easily sacrifice playing drakes adventures and mario to play all my mmos and various pc exclusives and enjoy them in all its glory.

Just to re affirm my decision I watched my friend play gta4 on ps3 and my oh my it lagged like a 90 yr old jerking off.

It looked like the game dipped from 30 fps to 18 or so many many times and looked like crap. Srry mate I want my smooth gameplay and super smooth graphics. I only have two eyes and 1 brain.

Also have a look at the pc exclusive list. Beats the crap out of any console list out there.

Also that list does not include a 100 other games.

badz1492343d ago

it's not even funny anymore! you buy a gaming rig and play games on pc because you like it! and somehow people buying consoles and gaming on them are now incompetent/lack technical knowledge? and even 2 dimensional and only buy things people tell them to buy? WTF?

Eyesoftheraven2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

I play my PC in bed 7ft away using a 120hz 46" Sony HDTV. Wireless keyboard and a light, Saitek Cyborg metal mouse pad solve the "desk only" misconception completely. Valve is even going to release a "TV Mode" catered to folks just like me for Steam! It's an amazing time to get into PC gaming.

As for upgrading patterns, that's completely subjective based upon each individual's needs and it's certainly not necessary to upgrade every 2 years to play the latest games under decent settings and high fps. If you demand 100+ fps with the highest possible settings and Super Sampling AA, then yes, you'd have to upgrade every chance you get. To play with 60fps and medium - high settings for 6 years would require a one time maximum investment of around $700 depending on sales, brands, store etc.

Also, Windows 7 paired with Steam has streamlined the operating system and PC gaming environment to a point that only the laziest and dumbest of people couldn't master it's basic to intermediate level functions.

Finally, actually "building" a custom PC is as complex as a few hours of Googling around for hardware reviews based on your budget and playing with your favorite, most simple LEGO set from grade school.

kingduqc2343d ago

"Lets not forget better exclusives. You won't find the likes of Nathan Drake and Super Mario on PCs."

WHAT? Uncharted is a good, don't get me wrong. But ps3 fanboys look at it like the second coming of Christ. It's only third person shooter for rental, short "movie like" shooter that last 8-10 hours with an good story bit yet cliché in all part and an non original way to tell the story.Nothing more, nothing less. Gameplay wise it's nothing stellar either. I can name plenty of games that are far superior in design and offer more then uncharted.

and the whole I can play on my or sofa is just false, you can do it on pc too with the controller you like. and IMO a good chair is more comfy then anything else .

badz1492342d ago

please do! let us know about these games please!

Corax2343d ago

"Lets not forget better exclusives."

I think both sides have exclusives that would be well received if released on their platforms.

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Mad_Mack2343d ago

Consoles of each gen tend to represent the high point in terms of gaming. Many PC gamers I know lament the lack of progress in PC games despite more and more powerful machines being available. Its because game makers are now making for consoles first and PC gaming is more of an afterthought (not in all cases- there are still some great PC exclusives, but in most).

So there is an argument to be made for binning off PCs as a gaming platform, as if you buy a PC now for £400, it will be able to play top line games for a year or so, but if you buy a console for the same price, you are golden for six or more years.

I am not saying consoles are better, I am just saying that market dynamics and therefore game companies definitely favour console over PC gaming.

mushroomwig2343d ago

So I can say goodbye to all my favourite console exclusives? No thanks.

ChunkyLover532343d ago

Console gamer's and PC gamer's tend to be like night and day. I don't even own a PC and definitely prefer consoles, more power to those that do enjoy PC gaming, I just find that for my needs, a console or two or three is the way to go.

Wintersun6162343d ago

So, you're hanging here on N4G with a phone or what?

ChunkyLover532343d ago

I use a laptop, but its not very good. Otherwise I use a phone.

isarai2343d ago

Nope, it don't got the games i want, even though i do own a gaming PC i don't play much on it anymore, i went through everything i wanted to play now it's just for school.

isarai2343d ago

the fuck is there to disagree about? lol