Is Black Ops II Propaganda?

Is Black Ops II propaganda? Put on your tinfoil hat and explore the possibilities.

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ForTheFallen2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Speaking of tin foil:

You will know the meaning of "conspiracy" when you visit such a virtual place.

On topic, the attitude that "revolutionaries are evil and secretly trying to kill EVVVERYONE" has been the status quo ever since MW began it's descent into US Military worship. It's disappointing even more since everyone views the USM as so American, yet it was, as we're all very aware, a standing army, the kind the US currently has, that was the oppressors in the war for our independence, and our revolutionaries, who acted an awful lot like modern day terrorists, who gave us our freedom.

Aageer2346d ago

I've been to abovetopsecret more than once. They have some really good content and discussions and some truly bad ones as well.

fjtorres2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

The whole "populist leader turns out to be egomaniac" trope is common in movies and games because it actually *happened*.
Read some history, guys.
Oliver Cromwell.
French revolution.
Russian revolution.
Iranian revolution.
Just to name a few; there are dozens of older examples from european history of regional populist rebellions.
And yes, several of the leaders of the American revolution used some of the same confrontational tactics of modern social agitators. That's where the agitators got the idea.
And if you are looking for a storyline for a FPS starring modern soldiers you don't really have much of a choice but to use government protagonists, so unless you want to lose sales by casting the russians, chinese, or americans as the bad guys, your only villain choices are euro-trash, muslims, and populist agitators. And which one hasn't been done to death yet?
No conspiracy here; just lack of imagination.

BTW, on DARK KNIGHT RISES: the class warfare thing came about because the movie is inspired by Dickens' TALE OF TWO CITIES.

Aageer2346d ago

Nice reply. I actually have a history degree so it's nice to see someone else understand that it's a recurring theme. I did admit as much in the closing paragraph, it was just the relation to current events that was off putting. Of course the odds that this is a conspiracy to put out propaganda is relatively small, but that doesn't make a good article now does it?

As to your last sentence; I did not know this. Of course I assume you mean the overall story and/or graphic novel is based on Tale of Two Cities, and not the movie. Do you have any source to prove as much?