Job Vacancy suggests that Rare is working on next-generation game

Rare has opened two jobs that imply that she is preparing a game to the next generation of consoles. There are also clues that the producer seeks to enter the gaming market free of living micro-transactions.

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Frankfurt2261d ago

They're working at a shooter and an "MMO-like" title. Both for next gen. We've know this for months.

Sucitta2261d ago

better with kinect? I really hope not.

A7XEric2261d ago

Waiting to hear what Rare is working on these days is like waiting to find out its about when your girlfriend tells you "we need to talk later." Its probably total disappointment, but there's a chance it could turn out okay.

guitarse2261d ago

It'll be kinect based for sure, Rare are a ruined shadow of their former self, bloody shame too.