Call of Duty Needs A Few Years Off

Dan writes - "With every new year we gamers are graced with the presence of some pretty awesome games. Titles like Spec Ops: The Line and Max Payne 3, It’s a sweet life really. But there’s a whole demographic of people out there that never venture beyond the safety of their Madden, FIFA, NHL, NBA and more recently, Call of Duty."

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Kran2349d ago


Not being funny, but nobody needs to read the article... just the title. It's just too true.

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NastyLeftHook02349d ago

i doubt they will, they will just probably reuse the same old engine on the ps4 and other next gen platforms. keep giving little and taking alot guys, im sure you will not eventually crash and burn.

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Revvin2349d ago

Well they're not going to be able to use iD's new engine and Crytek have a deal with EA so maybe CryEngine is out of the question so maybe go with Unreal Engine 4? The current game engine is waay overdue being replaced and one of the reason's CoD is so easily hacked.

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