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This being my first review, I(Lewis Manning of [email protected]) decided to choose one of my all-time favourite video games to kick things off – L.A Noire. L.A Noire has been out for just over a year now but is no doubt worthy of a review on this site. Created by Rockstar and Team Bondi, the game puts you in the wing-tipped leather shoes of Cole Phelps – a beat-cop working the streets of Los Angeles in the 1940s. Quickly, however, you find yourself promoted to Detective and working on some of the most brutal crime cases imaginable (though many are based on real-life events). The magic of L.A Noire comes through its ability to deliver such gruesome events in a somewhat magical way through the sheer class of the 40s and the birth of one of the world’s greatest cities.

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guitarded772197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

Oohhh... what's La Noire? Sounds French and looks a lot like L.A. Noire.

mewhy322197d ago

how the heck does a reivew of a game this old get approved?

BX812197d ago

Why not? This is a gaming site is it not? It's not like you have to read the review. I personaly don't mind it because it puts the game back in the light for those that may have missed it or have a huge back log to play through and just forgot about it. Gaming news isn't like regular news where only the current situations really matter (for the most part). As long as you own that console it's still relevant imo.

mewhy322197d ago

I stand corrected.

CaptCalvin2197d ago

It's a gaming NEWS site in case you don't know what "N4G" stands for.