Fear not, DLC watchdogs: Gearbox has yet to start on Mechromancer Borderlands 2 DLC writes:

"With industry trends like Day One DLC on the rise and showing no signs of slowing, it's a rare treat for a developer to have honest-to-goodness plans for future content updates without the conspicuous inclusion of said content on the same disc you bought for $60. Gearbox Software gets it, and at a recent press event, President and CEO Randy Pitchford confirmed that the planned Mechromancer DLC for Borderlands 2 only exists in the conceptual stage."

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ApolloTheBoss2200d ago

Good ol' Gearbox. They haven't let us down yet. (Excluding Duke Nukem.)

ScubbaSteve2200d ago

Ya but you can't really blame Gearbox for Duke Nukem. I think if they had held onto it and attempted to make it a good game it would go on for another 10 years of development just because of the curse.

vortis2200d ago

For their sake...and everyone else who plans to get this game day 1 (and I'm definitely considering it) I hope Randy is telling the truth...otherwise, there will be interweb rage to pay.

dumahim2200d ago

Why? This is a bit different since most people would be getting this extra character for free anyway. If everyone had to pay for it, it'd be a different story.

I mean, I'm all for them spending all the time they can up to launch finishing it up, but I kinda hoped they'd be done early to get a head start on this. This character interests me more than any of the others and would have liked to have started the game with her.

vortis2200d ago

I just don't want this to feel like Borderlands 1 (if you were a first adopter you know what I mean)

I had to buy the game twice (once when it released and again for the GOTY) because the original sucked hard on release. It just wasn't polished.

I dread talk about plans for DLC when the game isn't yet finished. I want a complete game first and I'm willing to pay for a complete game, but enough with all the half-finished games and the full-on DLC brigades that follow shortly after (I'm looking at you Mass Effect 3)