5 Things That The GTA V Update Confirms

Eight months and ten days. That time period is just how long we have had to wait for Rockstar Games to reveal more information on Grand Theft Auto V since their effective but ambiguous trailer reveal. On November 16th, 2011, the legendary games publisher and developer set the rumour mill ablaze with barely two minutes of footage from the new entry. Since then, though they’ve relied on the series’ fame and consistent quality to fuel fan speculation and hopes with no concrete details on gameplay or a release window.

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WeskerChildReborned2258d ago

Still hoping for a 2012 release.

hennessey862257d ago

they release it when its ready

StraightPath2257d ago

This game going to blow away everything. Long wait but will be worth it for this master piece.

claud32258d ago

It will be a 2013 release. As they need the extra time to map out the games missions, mechanics and pitch for selling the game

Shadonic2258d ago

Kim agree 2013 but I'm pretty sure they have all that other stuff set up pitching won't be a problem

WeskerChildReborned2258d ago

Yea, it could very well possibly be 2013, actually it looks more likely to be a 2013 release but i just want GTA V to release as soon as possible.

Adityac2258d ago

Is that you in the picture?

Me-Time2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

haha a cosplay girl (search if you don't know what that is). No, it probably isn't the picture of the user.

2013 release date is what I expect.

Adityac2257d ago

I know what cosplay is, but anyone can set an account up saying that they're a cosplay character with a picture of a girl from Google Images. Even if that IS her then I was gonna say she looks bangtidy.

Pintheshadows2257d ago

They would of planned that along time ago.

And a pitch for selling it could simply be a release date.

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Kinger89382258d ago

Yay another daily 5 things article! Couldnt live with out these bad boys!

swat_teem2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

can't wait let them take as long as they want so the game can be amazing

showtimefolks2258d ago

whenever they release it(most likely mid 2013) its a day one for sure.

if anyone has been following RS games than they know that's just how they roll, release a trailer than wait a very long time before releasing more info

than before release do a gameinformer cover issue

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The story is too old to be commented.