Borderlands 2 will have no required installation on PS3 writes:

"If there's one thing that PlayStation 3 gamers don't enjoy, it's the mandatory installation tied to many of our favorite games. The upside is generally reduced load times and better performance, but the window of waiting is still a right pain."

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Hellsvacancy2014d ago

Im not bothered about installs, i kinda prefer them, if it helps the game to run better anyway

pixelsword2014d ago

Yeah, I love it when writers speak for me then get it wrong. :D

I'm also a PC gamer, and the installs don't bother me there either.

Shane Kim2014d ago

What do sucks though, is to get ur ass out of the couch and change cd's a la PS1 days.

dredgewalker2014d ago

Installs never bothered me either, plus I prefer installs because it helps increase the lifespan of the bluray drive.

JBSleek2014d ago

Why wouldn't they want installs it allows the game run smoother and better.

That must mean Borderlands 2 is coded very well or isn't a resource hog.

SSKILLZ2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

maybe the runs smoother and better already

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2014d ago

Isn't the point of console gaming not having to worry about pc installs?

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