New Borderlands 2 Screens Show Off Alternate Custom Costumes

"2K and Gearbox have released a selection of new screenshots for Borderlands 2 and you can check them out below. Amongst other things, the screens detail how you can customise your character into something more unique than the default avatar."

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VTKC2196d ago

wow there certainly is alot of options. I hope they are not DLC and are actually accessible without extra charge. I hope 2K/Gearbox doesnt follow the DLC practices that certain companies do nowadays. No clues on who I am refering to.

lastdual2196d ago

They may add more via DLC, but the game ships with a lot of them. On the VG247 video, they showed that Salvador can unlock up to 17 head skins and 88 body skins, and those aren't even all the options.

hazelamy2196d ago

well there's one set available if you have a Borderlands 1 save, so there's at least 1 free.