Gearbox doesn’t know what it wants to do for Borderlands 2 DLC

It seems Gearbox doesn’t really know what it wants to do as far as Borderlands 2 DLC is concerned.

Speaking to Strategy Informer, Vice-President Steve Gibson said that a lot of the DLC from the first game arose out of the studios desire to alter certain things about the base game – a sentiment they’re not feeling about the second.

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Yi-Long2346d ago

... just -gasp- release a complete game, and leave it at that.

Got any great ideas later on!? Use them for your next game!

BrutallyBlunt2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Why when the tools are available to keep the current fanbase updated? We now don't have to wait 2 or 3 years for new content. You can keep supporting existing games now. There are lots of great DLC out there, it's the over-priced stuff and stuff purposely left out that has tarnished the image of DLC. It is entirely possible to offer a complete package and still offer new content through DLC. Games don't need to remain static because of this resentment towards DLC.

I know what they should do with the DLC, offer content the userbase wants and price it fairly.

Yi-Long2346d ago

... I absolutely agree with you, but sadly it turns out that 95% of DLC that being released, is mostly just cheap cash-in nickel-and-diming crap, often stuff that could (and thus should) have been in the retail-release from the very start....

I don't mind GOOD DLC that gets it right (think GTA4 Episodes), but sadly those are the exception.

antz11042346d ago

The first one was a VERY complete game, and they still released 4 very lengthy dlc's...all of the mission driven ones were excellent. I for one thank Gearbox for putting out such an awesome product.

user54670072346d ago

They should do DLC's with the Vault Hunters from the first game...which builds up to a cliffhanger which would set up the events of the third game.

_Aarix_2346d ago

Thats what they were talking about -_- borderland has always been complete. I want to dlc later down the road cause its awesome. And they actually do it right

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Adexus2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

The DLC for the first game was brilliant and they were actually fully developed pieces of content, so if they start doing the same thing for Borderlands 2 then they have my money!

Farsendor12346d ago

start doing the same thing for borderlands 2? are you sure you want them to start working on dlc before the game is even out?

Adexus2346d ago

Not really what I meant, I just want them to create DLC like they did in the first game where they were almost expansions except for Moxxi.

@Ron_Danger The only DLC that I didn't like was Moxxi, the only good thing about it was the safe to store weapons and even that can only hold 39 weapons.

Knoxx and Claptrap are brilliant though, Knoxx can be annoying sometimes though because of the insane difficulty playing it solo, I'm still trying to defeat Crawmerax to this day!

Ron_Danger2346d ago

I thought General Knox and the Claptrap Revolution DLC's were miles ahead of Zed and Moxie... There was really no point to play Moxie since there were no rewards other than a skill point and a place to store items and Zed was only really fun for one play through... Knox and Claptrap almost doubled the size of the game and added 19 player levels and a ton of new weapons...

Farsendor12346d ago

ok sorry about that then i have comprehension and grammar problems

Ron_Danger2346d ago

Since Diablo was a huge influence on the original Borderlands, I think it would be funny (and somehow appropriate) if they added a secret Cow Level in game or as a hidden area in some DLC.

Summons752346d ago

Think about and develop the dlc AFTER the game releases

Stansolo2346d ago

I totaly agree, let the game get out there and see what feedback comes from the game.
I can't wait!