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DJP's Dan:

"Borderlands was an odd game. It wasn’t the most complex game ever, its story wasn’t exactly mind blowing and at times it could be pretty slow. But you know what? It was damn good fun - and even more so with a few friends. So picture Borderlands 2 offering more of the same in terms of core gameplay experience but promising a better storyline, more interaction with characters and something a little less by the books. We got to check out Borderlands 2 last week and pass judgement over the new content introduced by Gearbox."

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Sephris2350d ago

I am seriously having virtual blue balls awaiting this game! I've read a little about it from their main site and was drooling and after reading the preview. I want to beat my head against a wall until I become so dazed that coherency doesn't return until Borderlands 2 is out. But I know if I do that my wife will finally be able to escape and I can't have that so I'm just going to have to suffer.