Ouya Android Console Will Fail: So Begins the Hate

Android Entity writes: "Dubbed “the people’s console,” the Ouya Android console that managed to get, until now, almost $4.5 million on its funding page on Kickstarter, is already starting to draw in a lot of hate from people all over the world who call themselves experts and claim that the Ouya console will fail.

I am completely surprised with the explosion of negative comments surrounding the Ouya console, especially since all the quoted reasons for the Ouya to be considered a failure way before it is actually released are nothing but small excuses for actual reasons."

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zeal0us2195d ago

If people expect it to sale like 360s,PS3s and Wiis of course its going to fail. This product isn't aim at the same market as those 3 products are. This product lends itself to a niche market.