Why crowd-funding is an amazing idea

Non Specific Action investigate the latest craze of crowd funding and what effect it might have on the future of games development.

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Sephris2316d ago

I'm giving you an approval on this because I find the subject matter very interesting. But a semi-vague, one sentence write up isn't gong to do much to catch the readers eye. You would do well to offer your reading public a little more description on what your topic is to hook them with the story. I knew what you meant and jumped on it for a good read, but if I hadn't, I might just have easily skipped over it and read up on the speculated color of Mario's underwear. The latter is far stupider, but it is easy to relate to and comment on because everyone knows Mario. You obviously have a good eye for catching interesting articles. Please try and get me a little more excited about reading them in the future. :)

stecarter912316d ago

Feedback taken and noted for the next article :)

OmniSlashPT2316d ago

Is free money an amazing idea? indeed :P

But yeah, the indie market is raising, both players and devs, and that's good for everyone. Let's hope the next gen of XBL and PSN support more the indie devs, that'd be crucial for a wider audience and appreciation.

MurDocINC2316d ago

I rather have crowd investing than crowd fund raising. Investing would work much better cause you get your money back with % on top that. We would be making money so chances are we would drop bigger cash and get more projects started. But US laws prevent this.