Best-Selling Book Shows 'Halo' Game's Wide Appeal

The action-adventure book Contact Harvest is on the USA Today and New York Times best-seller lists. It is the most recent book in a series of adaptations of the video game Halo. The popularity of Contact Harvest shows Halo's influence is reaching beyond the gaming community.

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gamesR4fun3678d ago

anyone here thinking about ebaying their collection after they finish reading them?

V_Ben3678d ago

Their Prices Are Pretty Good For Preowned Stuff :P

Iron Man 23678d ago

LOL Like reading wasn't boring enough already;)

MasterChief28293678d ago

Good if you have nothing to do in study hall.

Dlacy13g3678d ago

I hope for your sake you are kidding....

FirstknighT3678d ago

What a shocker. Another illiterate sony kid.

RecSpec3678d ago

Nothing against the Halo series, but you seriously need a life if you need to read Halo books. There are plenty of books out there, don't stick to one thing. I think the Halo games are great, don't get me wrong, but hopefully this doesn't turn into the next Star Wars. I see a lot of similarities between Halo now and Star Wars in the 70's.

MasterChief28293677d ago

If you're into books the Halo books could be a good read. If your not it could get you into other books as well.