Epic: Xbox 360 services are "slowly creeping up" to next gen features

The next generation is already here! It prowls amongst us like the Invisible Man infiltrating a women's hockey team locker room, blowing on the backs of our necks and stealing our underwear. Thus the Epic Games diagnosis, at least. It's all about those online services, you see. They portend.

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dirigiblebill2016d ago

If next gen is all about F2P, they really need to work on F2P production values. You've got the odd good-looking contender, like Free Realms, but the bulk feel really generic and tacky.

Ron_Danger2016d ago

Along with Free Realms in the console F2P genre, Sony also has DC Universe and Home and, when it's released later this year, Dust 514. And they've already said that they will continue to support Dust on the next Sony platform since it literally takes years to unlock certain things

HammadTheBeast2016d ago

DUST will revolutionize free to play on consoles. With the maount of depth EvE has, even allowing players to pay for their subscription with in game currency, its pretty amazing.

TekoIie2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

whoever disagreed with HammadTheOne is super dumb.


I love how you count Home as a game X3.

Dust is going to be awesome. Just worried about how Gamers will use it since its a game which will require communication with EVE players and many of the people in my corp have even suggested that the game require you to use a mic.

portal_22016d ago

Yeah, the wad of cash is speaking again...

YodaCracker2016d ago

... What are you talking about?

RememberThe3572016d ago

He's talking about MS paying Epic off.

YodaCracker2015d ago

So everyone who says anything positive about the Xbox 360 is being paid by Microsoft to say it? Right...

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Fyflin2016d ago

I really hope next gen console can run multiple applications at the same time and allow us to switch between them at the press of a button or two.

I like the idea of being able to play a game for an hour, switch over to Netflix and watch a movie, then check out the Xbox marketplace or something, then go straight back into my game at the point where I paused it, kind of like the "sleep" feature of the Vita.

Yeah you can do all these things at the moment (apart from the "sleep" mode), I'd just like the whole system to be more streamlined.

mcstorm2016d ago

I am hoping for this too. it would be a really good thing to be able to do.

Ron_Danger2016d ago

Am I the only person on earth that uses their game console for games?? My computer is connected to my tv so I could care less about features like Hulu or YouTube or Netflix since they are better and come without that extra price tag.

Mustang300C20122016d ago

So continue doing so. You do not equal the world. I have no idea why self center comments like this gets made. Not everyone drives a mustang or wears the same shoes but god forbid because the features are there doesn't mean your forced to use them mother damn system let's you put a disc in and roll with it. Stop whining over nothing.

nukeitall2016d ago

Well, your computer is potentially redundant. I replaced my HTPC with my Xbox 360. It does pretty much everything I want, just better than my computer on the big screen.

Anything else, I use my Kindle Fire. It's a prefect setup, if only Android was better. Maybe Windows 8 will fill that gap (or maybe, just maybe an iPad).

dcbronco2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

So Danger you take a device that wasn't actually made to hook up to a TV to run applications that were made more for a TV instead of using a device that was already hooked up to a TV.

You sir really got it all figured out.

Biggest2016d ago

Why wasn't a PC made to be hooked up to a TV? My PC has at least 3 ports that are compatible with every TV in my home. Netflix started streaming their content on the PC first. Hulu started streaming their content on the PC first. Why would you say those applications were made more for a TV? And even if they were, why isn't a PC the proper device to use for the process? Crap! What if I plug my PS3 into a "PC" screen? Am I doing that wrong too? They both have HDMI slots! This is soooooo confusing!!!!

dcbronco2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

But the vast majority of PCs will never be hooked up to a TV. The TV has the input and the PC has the output, but the main purpose of a PC is not to be hooked up to a TV.

And the dumbest thing is that you're complaining about the 360 being versatile by pointing out you're using a machine made mainly for something else but that was made more versatile.

The PS3 does everything the 360 does. Plus surfs the web, plays Blu-rays and is a part of FoldingHome. Smartphones do all of the same stuff plus makes calls and takes pictures. PCs do all of the same stuff and a ton more. But people only complain about the 360. That is what is confusing.

What a joke. A really sad joke. There's racism, sexism, fascism and apparently now 360ism.


Isn't the PS3 advertised as "It only does everything".

Anymore complaints by Sony fans about 360 or 720 versatility from this point on is an admission of being an Ass-clown.

aviator1892016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Games WERE the sole reason I used my console. However, this generation has brought us such a wide mix of features and services for them that I can no longer use my console for games exclusively. Netflix and ESPN are the main services I use, maybe the majority of my time with my xbox. And I still play games, just to a lesser extent.

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