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WWC writes: In the end, I think that’s the ultimate payoff from Dragon’s Dogma. Over time, you start to feel really invested in your adventure, which is only reinforced by the narrative of the story. Thus, the final result is a very enjoyable experience despite the many flaws which appear at the surface level, and the gameplay is simply riveting. This is definitely a gameplay-focused title, and the gameplay is great. You might not find it to be so impressive at first, but if you can stick with it to the end, you’ll see just how good it gets.

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310dodo2200d ago

Bullshit review

I bought this game day 1(and not for the RE6)
..this game has faults

but 4.5/10

your an asshole who didnt play the game

7 or 8 at worst

evilbart2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

Played alot of games this year and I have to say Dragon's Dogma was in my top 3

4.5/10 no way at least 9/10 in my book

Clogmaster2200d ago

Hey guys, just want you to know that I read the review expecting some serious bashing, but it was almost all positive. The list of cons is big, but it's essentially what we know already and would agree with. Except for the fact that you can train your pawn to stop talking.

In the end, the review isn't 4.5/10, it's 4.5/5.

hahaha! Someone needs to fix it! It's not a bad review, nor is it a troll review.

MrDead2200d ago

Just show's a title or review score numbers are the only piece of information a lot of N4G users read.

yomaru2200d ago

Hello guys, I'm the webmaster of weeaboos with controllers and yes the score is mistaken. It is a 4.5/5 not 4.5/10. Our editor actually quite enjoyed the game! Thanks for checking out our site, and definitely stick around for more reviews in the future.

RXL2200d ago

i like your attitude...

you got a follower.

NovusTerminus2200d ago

Needless to say the N4G admins won't find anything.

Good review, I know I am enjoying the game! Unlike some of the posters here, I went to the site to read the review. Good writing.

yomaru2200d ago

Thanks for the feedback guys, we try our best.

000000000000000000012200d ago

Very good game, still playing it!

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