Only 50% of Medal of Honor players played Battlefield 3

Only around 50 per cent of Medal of Honor players played Battlefield 3, EA has revealed, with the firm putting the gap down to brand loyalty and the Medal of Honor community enjoying "more authentic shooters".

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dazzrazz1744d ago

Only 99.9% of all people who bought Medal of Error stopped playing it after 3 months and completely after 6

Campy da Camper1743d ago

One day. That game blew so hard. Hands down the dumbest AI I have ever seen.

2pacalypsenow1744d ago

i bought it used and enjoy it

Soldierone1744d ago

Not going to lie, looking forward to the new Medal of Honor. If DICE didn't abandon the last one for BF3 then I'd still be playing. Now that DICE is out of the picture, I have a little more confidence that won't happen again.

WeskerChildReborned1744d ago

Yea and i'm also looking forward to Bad Company 3 cause 2 was awesome and i kinda liked it better than Battlefield 3.

thorstein1744d ago

Couldn't agree more. I loved Medal of Honor. They nailed spawning to make it feel like it was an actual battle. I have to admit that I liked BFBC2 Story and Multi better than BF3. I will keep trying the BF3 MP but the story (though good) has some silly glitches on the PS3 (ie my squad leaving enemies alive and running past them; too many scripted events not allowing me to fight where I want to).

Soldierone1744d ago

Bad Company 2 story was way better. Visually BF3 was amazing, but beyond that the story was took the stereotypical EA Shooter route where a guy is getting interrogated just so they can move the story along.

I agree with both of you, I still enjoy Bad Company 2 more than BF3 to this day.

Sucitta1744d ago

Medal of Honor was crap.

The reason most don't play battlefield is that it requires thought, above a 7 yr olds level.

Adexus1744d ago

Battlefield requires thought?

Megaton1744d ago

Battlefield requires about as much thought as CoD, or any of its other cookie cutter military FPS brethren.

BakedGoods1744d ago

You've obviously never played BF.

Megaton1744d ago

You've obviously never played an FPS that requires thought. Go try ARMA or Red Orchestra instead of giving Battlefield the credit it isn't due. It's just as casual run-n-gun as CoD, only with over-sized maps and not enough vehicles.

2pacalypsenow1744d ago

@Megaton in other words those games are boring .If you want a simulation join the army games are meant to be fun not confusing and technical especially Online multiplayer shooters theres a reason why people play BF3 and COd and Not Arma and red orchestra (i played Red Orchestra on steam , it sucks)

yoyo121211741d ago

Bf3 requires teamwork!
Something COD doesn't have

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Siren301744d ago

Alot of thought must go into aiming and shooting people then

BaSeBaLlKiD7211744d ago

I actually thought Medal of Honor was fun to play online. It was something different than CoD.

Straightupbeastly1744d ago

It was the same crap as cod. Bad spawns, cramped maps, op killstreaks. It was a mess

thorstein1744d ago

"bad spawns" MOH specifically had many spawns that were unreachable by the opposing team.

Soldierone1744d ago

Did you actually play the game? Or did you rent it or base this off the beta?

Straightupbeastly1744d ago

I played the actual game. On ps3 too, it was terrible. Freezing, bad frame rate. It was the sloppiest multiplat shooter this gen. But that moh multiplayer has nothing to do with warfighter because warfighter is completely made by danger close

GaryOak1744d ago

43.7% of all stats are made up on the spot.

thorstein1744d ago

17% of all people could tell you that.

Campy da Camper1743d ago

99% sure I want a bowl of Lucky Charms right now.

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