Diablo 3 hack causes over $10,000 worth of damage

The Diablo 3 RMAH is making people a lot of money, but none so much as the common hacker. A relatively simple exploit was uncovered in the last few days which have allowed enterprising exploiters the world around to purchase expensive items on the auction house for peanuts, harming legitimate users in the process.

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CustardTrout2349d ago

It's made me nothing! Stupid game.

v0rt3x2349d ago

Well it was bound to happen. I always said from the very beginning - even before the game was out - that the RMAH is a very bad idea.

Thatlalala2349d ago

It is. One, people want way to much money for an item, and two is this. Stupid idea.

Tsuru2349d ago

hack does not equal exploit. I really wish people would stop using the world hack as if its the correct term.

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