Wii U is 'definitely more powerful than 360 and PS3' - Scribblenauts dev

Jeremiah Slaczka, the CEO of Scribblenauts developer 5th Cell, has revealed the Wii U is "definitely more powerful than Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3," adding that he finds the argument over the console's capabilities "frustrating".

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Jadedz1861d ago

Most rational individuals knew the Wii U couldn't be compared to the PS360 (spec-wise).

As of late - Nintendo advances their gaming platforms incrementally enough to launch their hardware at a reasonable price.

The 3DS's pre-price cut sales, is evident of their changed philosophy.

TruthbeTold1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Not too many rational individuals here at N4G though. That's the problem. There'd be no reason for this Dev to state the obvious, if the obvious didn't need to be confirmed in order to fly in the face of crap talking knuckleheads, who've made the 'Weaker' and 'Comparable' bullcrap mainstream in certain corners, or should I say bowels of the gaming community. It's as if regardless of reality, the bottom line is their need to indirectly scream: 'Don't buy that it's crap! Wait for the console I'm waiting for! Trollolol!'

*Of course, now the argument is: 'Well, duh! It better be more powerful. But... Trollolol...'

STFU already. (Not you Jadedz. The people giving gamers a bad name with this cut off your nose to spite your face attitude)

guitarded771861d ago

So by your logic, something is obvious when there is no empirical evidence supporting the obvious. I do not disagree that the Wii U may be more powerful than the PS3 or XBOX 360... hell I'd hope that it is since I plan on getting one on day one, but until the final specs are officially revealed, or game demos surpassing what we've seen on PS3 or XBOX are shown, people are rational (Based on or in accordance with reason or logic) to have questions/concerns about the overall power of the system. Sure, it's nice to hear positive feedback from a dev, but specs are what give people proof.

Irishguy951860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

I can't wait for this system because of the controller. I didn't think Multiplats were going to even utilize it but it looks like they are. I can't wait to see what some people do with it.

I don't even car if it is or isn't more powerful, just so long as it's on par. I play PC games for my graphic whore side.

shadow27971860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

There's a reason we've been seeing such a disconnect between what developers are saying, and what the Wii U is producing. I have a feeling you're not going to see much of that extra power they're referring to, and here's why: the tablet controller.

Nintendo's console doesn't have to render just one image, it has to render two simultaneously. Now odds are that the image on the tablet screen won't be too graphically intensive, but it's still going to steal resources from the system. The second screen will almost always have a minimum target of 30fps. So for a standard 30fps game, the Wii U is rendering 60 frames every second - 30 in HD for the TV, and 30 low-rez for the controller. It may not sound like much, but it's an extra task the system has to perform that the other systems don't.

Moreover, the more graphically intense the second screen is, the less the system has to work with for the TV display.

Want to know why Arkham City manages to look worse in some areas than the Xbox 360 version? (Besides optimization) It's because the second screen is graphically intense. The controller is displaying Batarang cameras, and detective mode. It's rendering a separate 3-D environment just for the controller. In order to be able to produce an equal image to the Xbox 360 version, the Wii U must have more power. It wouldn't be possible otherwise.

Is the Wii U more powerful than the PS3 or Xbox 360? Most definitely. Will the end result look anything close to the PS4 or NextBox? Doubtful.

darthv721860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

it isnt about the specs. Its about what this entertainment medium was founded on. FUN!.

If they can deliver the fun that games are supposed to provide then it is a win for me and my family.

That goes for any platform that wants to get in on the gaming action. Some of the funnest games i have played in my 30+ years have not been the most visually appealing.

Eye candy will only feed an appetite for so long. To really satisfy you need something more filling and (IMO) that is where gameplay comes in. Too many games are relying on the visual stimuli and tend to lack depth in creating that desire to really get into the game.

All platforms are guilty of having the fast food approach with certain titles. must be lunch time as i am making food references...

ABizzel11860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

I doubt the Wii-U is less powerful than the PS360. IMO we can expect it to be on par with those console at the very least, and at the more PS360 1.5x.

Nintendo has no need to make a super powerful console when, as a previous developer stated, "Nintendo has no need for advance physics and A.I. when they're making games like Mario." It might sting any fanboys heart to here that, but it's true. They don't need the best hardware to run they games they make, the only reason they even went this far out was to get more 3rd party support so they can say look we have Call of Duty (20M+ seller) we have Assassin's Creed (10M+ seller), we have Batman (GOTY contender), we can get Bioshock runnin on Wii-U (GOTY contender) we have Mass Effect (GOTY contender), we can get GTA running on Wii-U (20M+ seller & GOTY contender).

The whole concept of the Wii-U is based on 3 idea principles IMO based on what Nintendo has done and shown so far.

1. Please the Core. We have the core with our 1st party, so give them more to be excited for with great 3rd party. (They have it somewhat, but they need to do a lot more than what they've shown. The whole goal of this is to please the core with more than 2 or 3 good games a year. As far as 1st party at E3, it sucked, but you know the games are coming hopefully sooner than later.)

2. Keep it casual. Keep the casual interested with a new unique feature. (The touch screen seems interesting for some games, and it's great for allowing separate use of the TV for those who want to watch TV, and play the game or use the game browser to secretly watch . . . . . -_- that's reason enough to get the console alone).

3. Keep it cheap. The Wii-U may be considered a Next-gen console simply because of it being their 8th generation console, but it's still not a significant leap over the PS360, and n4g can't seem to get that into their minds or think of it as something negative. We're in a economic world crisis and Nintendo still wants your money, so they're not going to force you to pay $400+ for their system, when they can make something just good enough and charge you accordingly. The 360 is $199, and the PS3 is $249 and those are prices that allow everyone to jump on board. The Wii-U launching at $299 - $349 (I'm sticking to that) is a great price for a new console.

If consoles were GPU's then:

Nintendo is the entry level for gaming

MS / Sony are mid tier for gaming

PC is high tier

nukeitall1860d ago

Personally, I only care about the end result, my personal experience!

However, Nintendo (or whoever) achieves that goal doesn't matter. It could be low specs, but lots of fun and I will take that over high specs, over-engineered, pricey and boring.

I own a Wii and enjoy that quite a bit, and looking forward to see what Nintendo has in store for Wii U. That's where the things are going to be happening in the next year or so.

Hisiru1860d ago

To be honest I am tired of this discussion. We have a huge ammount of fanboys, misinformed people, haters and some other strange types of players here at N4G. I won't even bother trying to talk about the hardware again.

All I care is: Will third party core games sell on the system?

If the answer is "yes", then I think we can expect to see some decent ports for this console and it will be very different from the Wii situation.

Autodidactdystopia1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

stop being stupid. you dont have to make a 360 game to know that this is more powerful. nor a ps3 game for that matter

all of you talking about a developer not knowing about hardware are the dumbest of them all. it is YOUR misunderstanding of what you are talking about that is wrong here. what an insult to a programmer, coming from a professional fanboy that his opinion doesnt matter. this is why people were burned at the stake stupid people like you idiots insulting someone clearly more qualifed than you'll ever be, in his own field.

He didnt come and insult your ability to be fanboys, siting that you dont understand other consoles.

you all are fucking idiots and it shows.

the ps3 was isnt and will never be the dream system you were told it would. pick on somebody your on size. like.... how pc mops the floor with all of your piddly crap.

your shits weak....shits weak.

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Morrigan-Aensland1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

The Wii is more powerful than the Xbox and ps2 but it didn't produce anything that looks better than gt 3, gt4, god of war 2 and a lot of games. I believe the Wii u is more powerful but the extra power is so minute that its negligible.

When we see the ps4, no one will mistake the games for a ps3 game and everyone will know its a major hardware improvement over previous gen

My guess would also be that whatever extra power the Wii u might have will be used to stream images to the controller.

The Wii u should have been way more powerful but because of sheep and how docile Nintendo products make them Nintendo knows that they can get away with making shoddy products. Sony makes products that are powerfuland meant to last and they they don't think about tricking consumers into buying outdated products so they can make a profit right away on their consoles. Nintendo is all about profit from day one where Sony believes in future proofing hardware and take a loss salewise then make money back selling controllers, memory cards, games, other accessories and software.

I like Sony's model better because its about the consumers from the start. I don't have time to count 10 more pixel in games or play another minor upgraded Mario or Zelda title because I can play in hd. The fans and whoever should support Nintendo and Wii u. They shouldn't lie to themselves about what the Wii u is not.

Ps4 or I'm out the door

Lucretia1861d ago

Morrigan you are so right.

the only ONLY game that even shows some of wii's power is Last story,

games like Valkyrie Profile 2, FFX, Kingdom Hearts, God of war all look alot better than all other Wii games.

if the power isn't use there is no sense in boasting about its capabilities.

darkgod1861d ago

im sorry but fod of war had pri rendered and unexsporable backgrounds. even twilight princess over takes god of war graficcly. oh and illl asume metroid red steel monster hunter zelda looked infior to godo war? yeah i think not

Harkins17211861d ago


You are kidding right? God Of War blows games like Zelda, Metriod, RED STEEL? HAHA! and Monster hunter games on the Wii out of the water. Know your stuff before you post please.

evilbart1861d ago

Just read this article its well worth it,might change your outlook on what way nintendo approuch the console market and consistently outsell their competitors

stuna11861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

You speak the truth and get bombarded with disagrees, but lie to yourself and everyone loves you!

Each generation has been a step up from the last, even if it wasn't all about graphics, it has been in online play, media or connectivity to other products. Those have been things present in this generation.

In my opinion nintendo seems content to stay a little in this generation and move a little into next generation! Even with the pad it's technical nothing new, even though there are those swearing it is! Plenty of the games on the IPAD can be played using your tv, even though one would argue but I can do things independent of the screen! Truefully can someone say thats groundbreaking? I would think that this would be a natual progression of things.

I don't see them doing anything lightyears ahead of what Microsoft has instituted for online play, microsoft pretty much owns that arena! And I don't see that changing anytime in the near future.

I can see a lot of nintendo fans are excited about the possibility of playing their favorite franchises in HD, but even on that front they are behind the other consoles, and I know it! Before you say it! But these are games built from the ground up for WiiU. The HD remakes are none to shabby, so one could only guess how they would look if properly remade.

All nintendo has accomplished in truth, has joined the other consoles in the HD era nothing more nothing less.

For the things the WiiU will do better than the present consoles, those things will become obsolete once the next round of consoles come out.

StarCSR1860d ago

Have you seen stuff like DK Country Returns or the Mario Galaxy games? No PS2 games come close to that... And that's a normal thing offcourse. But just to counter your claim in the first paragraph.

Biggest1860d ago

I can't believe you guys are arguing the graphical prowess of the Wii and PS2. Why not throw the Dreamcast in there for good crazy measure? Something seems strange about e-peening technology from the late 90s.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

" I believe the Wii u is more powerful but the extra power is so minute that its negligible. "

and how do you know this? From your sources?

Army_of_Darkness1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

judging by your spelling, I'm gonna assume your an 8 year old Nintendo fan-child lol!

"twilight princess over takes god of war graficcly."
Dumbest shit I heard in a while!

Rockoman161860d ago

Oh please, just be out the damn door!!!, you and your trollish comments against Nintendo are getting old for real!, don't you have better things to do?

ape0071860d ago

I havn't seen anything on wii that can compare to Doom 3, Splinter cell chaos theory or riddick on xbox 1

AWBrawler1860d ago

I have no comment for that. I'll just post a pic of something not possible on PS2 or XBox

FredEffinChopin1860d ago

I think that's the point that a lot of people seem to be missing. The fact that people are replying seriously in Nintendo's defense says a whole lot. They're finding screens of games that look better than a 2005 game. The argument shouldn't even be entertained, wouldn't be across any other console gen, but that is the situation the Wii is in. Is the hardware better than last gen? Sure, but the fact that a good argument can be made for the opposition says a lot.

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Pushagree1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

From what i've seen from current gen games running on it, Wii U falls short by a little bit. I suspect it's running at about 95% of an Xbox 360 and 75% of a ps3. Nintendo has always been known for cheating out of hardware to reduce costs so this isn't really surprising.

Btw, a DS dev doesnt count as a legitimate source.

linkratos1861d ago

I'm sorry, devs don't count as sources? Even when every dev has said the same thing? What better source could there be?

Devinchi331860d ago

I'm pretty sure the next Scribblenauts is coming out for the Wii U. Nice try though.

badz1491861d ago

it will be stupid if it doesn't

fermcr1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

"Wii U is 'definitely more powerful than 360 and PS3' - Scribblenauts dev"

LOL... from Scribblenauts dev.

Scribblenauts for WiiU has next gen graphics /s

ozzywazzy1860d ago

They had me until I saw Scribblenauts dev. Then all credibility was lost.

Scribblenauts the new graphical and gameplay benchmark.

HardCover1860d ago

These people still went to school for programming. They have a perspective on tech that you most likely don't have.

I'd sooner trust them than the sarcastic guy without credentials.

fermcr1860d ago

"I'd sooner trust them than the sarcastic guy without credentials."

It wouldn't be the first time a developer lies his a** off. Do you believe everything you read ?

stevenhiggster1861d ago

I think most people know fine well that it is more powerful than PS360, the problem is though, is it more powerful enough to be worthwhile? And the answer is most likely no.
Once the PS4 and neXtBox arrive I should imagine they will both be vastly more powerful than the Wii U and only then will PS360 owners see the need for an upgrade. The only people who are gonna buy the Wii U are people who just buy every gadget because they can and Ninty fanboys.