Digital Invasion: Russia’s Booming Gaming Market Heads West

WYK writes: There’s still plenty of room to fight over, too. According to a report by the research firm DFC Intelligence, the Russian game market is the fastest growing online market with an expected growth from $500 million last year to $1.5 billion by 2016. In September 2011, Amsterdam based research firm, Newzoo, estimated that by the end of that year, Russian spending on video games (across all platforms) would grow to $1.5 billion. Not sure how precise an estimate coming from Amsterdam can be. Who knows what they’ve been smoking in their free time. But I think the point is clear – Russia is a growing market. What’s amazing about these numbers is that they’re being accomplished with a near 75 percent piracy rate and only 42 percent of its 139,082,178 people being connected to the internet. With the increasing number of platforms such as smart phones (they love the Android) and consoles, this gaming this market is continuing to expand. This brief report from Cursor in February 2012 clearly illustrates Russian market potential. But not as entertainingly as me.

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