CheatCC Preview: SoulCalibur IV - Play or Play Not, There is No Try

CheatCC writes: "A finalized roster of fighters hasn't been given yet, but you can expect there to be quite a few very unique characters. Some classic characters such as Mitsurugi, Taki, and Cassandra have been confirmed, as well as some astounding newcomers. In a move that took many by surprise, SoulCalibur 4 has decided to open its doors to Force users. That's right; gamers will now be able to play as the ominous Darth Vader on the PS3 and as the little green sage Yoda on the Xbox 360. How these characters will fit into the Soul Caliber universe is anybody's guess at this point, but it is no more ridiculous than say playing as Heihachi, Link or Spawn in SoulCalibur 2. The decision to make these characters console specific has outraged many, but it will still be awesome to deliver a lightsaber beatdown on your opponents. "

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Mc1873743d ago

Can't wait this games is gonna be great.

mintaro3743d ago

two words, yoda and vader.....totally,totally, awesome

DFresh3743d ago

No doubt play it.
PS3 version is better.
Yoda is gay
Vader is awesome.
I don't care eventually they'll have add ons for this game off of the PSN so no worries here who gets which character.
PS3 version is going to be the best one no doubt because in every single commercial I've seen it's always been Sony haven't seen one 360 one for this game yet.
Already know the PS3 version wins hands down.