Halo 4 Console Available for Pre-Order

Microsoft has announced a limited edition Halo 4 console bundle. Available for pre-order now, the bundle includes a copy of the standard edition of Halo 4 and a 320GB system. The system itself has an exclusive Halo design in addition to custom sounds when it’s turned on or when a disc is ejected.

[Update: Looks like the product listing has been removed for now.]

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GuyManDude2350d ago

A little busy for my taste. The best looking 360 slim (imo) is the Modern Warfare 3 design. Unfortunately, that means it's branded after Modern Warfare 3. Take away the MW3s and that's a sexy beast. But, alas, it is forever tainted by that wretched game.

omarzy2350d ago

$400!!?? Why does the 360 still cost so much? I want to replace my old one that does not have wifi(40 foot ethernet cord running through my entire damn apartment hallway.) Looks very cool, but they should lower the price.

GuyManDude2350d ago

2 controllers
Halo 4

That's all in the box. A 250GB 360 is $300. This one has a bigger HDD, an extra controller, and Halo 4 (plus a special paint scheme). That added in is worth $100 more.

However, I'll be amazed if the 360 or PS3 do not get a price cut this year. And if one does, you can bet the other will follow suit (after they release a statement saying that "they're not focused on the price of their competitors")


omarzy2350d ago

It sounds like a fantastic bundle, but i believe the price of the basic hardware is just too much for 7 years after launch.

dcbronco2349d ago

I agree with Guy. There is a lot of extra value on this edition. That said, Omarzy is correct also. The cost to make the 360 is a third pf the launch cost. The Premium cost MS less than $200 to make. So even with all of the extras this should have been a $300 package. Even at that price it would still make a nice profit for MS.

THamm2350d ago

I believe it said $349.99 on the site before it was removed.

JKelloggs2350d ago

That actually looks really good, way better than the Reach Xbox

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DestinyHeroDoomlord2350d ago

Looks cool, weapon skins is news too me when did halo start doing that?

GearSkiN2350d ago

Since they showed off halo 4...

southernbanana2350d ago

I think it is kind of ugly, but that is my opinion.

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The story is too old to be commented.