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Sexius Maximus3745d ago

but its not really blowing me away. Thats a sandbox game for ya.

zambrota3745d ago

You have a high chance of becoming a Graphic whore this gen

I would have purchased GTA 4 but after playing Uncharted i cannot purchase the game despite the fact that gameplay of GTA4 would be stellar ATLEAST.

Getaway which wasnt as big as GTA last gen because of bad graphics will have the edge this gen because of better graphics.

in europe as you have seen already people tend to purchase games which are ONLY spectacular graphically

Chug3745d ago

Oh well, this game isn't about the graphics, its about having FUN! Remember, games are suppose to be fun.

zambrota3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

It will not attract the audience like it did last gen

why is COD4 played so much on xbox and ps3 ?

COD4 is played more on LIVE than halo 3 even?

people prefer gameplay over graphics but they also prefer gameplay+graphics over just gameplay

if Getaway 3 lives up to the hype and comes up with better graphics then it will replace GTA4 fully as the prime game of that genre.

Uncharted for instance has replaced Tomb Raider as the KING OF THAT GENRE.

GETAWAY 3 if you are unaware incoprporates iRT with the SONY SDK so you would see some full fledged raytracing in that game for sure.

Chug3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Alright man, I get your point, I was just making a simple statement. I myself am a graphics whore as well. But go out into the streets & ask anyone what GTA is, and then ask them what The Getaway is, I'm sure you can guess what their answers would be.

And if you think that a game has to have phenominal graphics ie Uncharted, then please enlighten me as to why so many damn people are buying that wii thingy...

zambrota3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

plus the big games of ps3 are not out yet?

If you think that wii is not a FAD then you are dead wrong.

xbox 360 had opportunities to completely blow away wii had it not been for system failures.

However expect both ps3 and xbx to completely whip wii this year.

How many people are satisfied with wii? Not even 20% of wii owners are staisfied with the purchase.

over 90% of ps3 and xbox owners on the other hand very satisfied with their.

wii is selling because of hype + big games on consoles are really not out yet.

in AMERICA any casual gamer would choose ps3/xbox over wii on any given day when GTA4 is released.

GTA has the most impact among causals in North America. Just wait and see the ps3 onslaught this year

as i have said earlier if KZ2 and resistance 2 lives up the hype then expect massive PS3 pwnage this year

masterg3745d ago

I'm hoping the image of Niko hiding behind the police car is what I think it is. A good cover system which GTA could really use.
Another thing I hope they have worked on is the handling of cars.

Chug3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Dude, why are you trying to tell me about the Ps3's lineup? I got my Ps3 one week after launch and am very happy with it. I got my 360 on launch day and am not that happy with it (mainly due to 2 RROD). I got my wii on launch day and I cant even force myself to like it.

Once again I was just trying to make a point as to how the mainstream works.

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Wii tag: Who cares! Lol

mesh13745d ago

zambrota go jump of a cliff u know nothing about grapics gt4 using wayyy my graphical power than crapcharted dont even compare the 2 plz gt4 is 1 million times a better game in every different way this game is nothing but share amazing in motion and in screens when u know what the game is actually kid have u heard the song YOUR ALL ALONE that song fits u very well this game will sell millions 1st week

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Joey Gladstone3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Millions to have rebate 'checks in the mail' up to $600 per person

I know it has nothing to do with GTA, but with this extra money you could use it to buy more games......
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

3745d ago
killerbar7183745d ago

good stuff.i love that black car is nice.

killerbar7183745d ago

gta 4


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