Limited edition revealed for PS3 exclusive, Mugen Souls

The limited edition set has been revealed by the NIS America Online Store for the upcoming Playstation 3 role-playing title from NIS America, Mugen Souls.

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Snookies122348d ago

Was considering getting this mainly to support NIS, but the fact that it's censored outside of Japan makes me kinda unsure whether or not to buy it. I realize it's not their fault, but I just HATE censoring, no matter what the material is for games, movies, books, anything.

CrescentFang2348d ago

I completely forgot about this. Though I preordered anyway. Within the few minutes I researched, it seems like without censoring we wouldn't have been able to get this game at all :(
That kind of sucks...

Snookies122348d ago

Yeah, they didn't say exactly "what" got censored, but it really sucks to hear. I don't doubt it would never have come here if it wasn't censored. I just think it's crap considering these are games, they're not real in any way.

amaguli2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

There was a bath house system were you can bath the girls after the mission to gain health and extra xp. The system seemed complexed, with various soaps and shampoos granted different bonuses for the characters.

The problem is that since the game has a moe art style, the girls look very young. Bathing young girls for more health and xp would equal for the American release would equal trouble for NIS.

Sorry for the long post, and here is a link explaining more of the censorship:

Snookies122348d ago

Thanks for elaborating, I wasn't sure what was censored. At least that doesn't seem to be anything major. Though it kinda sucks if it takes out a whole system to the game, hopefully they rework it in some way.

Fatty2348d ago

Given I've missed some great preorders from them in the past and from other companies more recently (still weeping over Borderlands' loot chest), I think I'm gonna go get this while I can.