ZombiU Hands-On Preview | WGTC

Chad from We Got This Covered wrote:

"Like its predecessor, the Nintendo Wii U promises to offer us experiences that are both noteworthy and different. As a result of that mission statement, certain developers have signed on to create new interactive adventures specifically for the console, while others have been looking at ways to add new options into powerhouse genres by using the console’s unique GamePad controller. Enter ZombiU, a new take on the flesh-eating apocalypse that pop culture has become incredibly familiar with over the last few decades or so. Promising to not only be a different type of first-person shooter meets survival horror romp, but also one that uses the aforementioned touchscreen controller in exciting ways in order to enhance the on-screen survival experience, it has become one of the console’s most talked-about launch titles."

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metroid322313d ago

Amazing game amazing graphics wow.