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God Of War The Movie Is Confirmed But Who Should Play Kratos?

Now that the video Game "God of War" has slipped onto the big screen, who should they pick for the lead role? Moviepilot.com shows you the 5 actors that are being considered. Which one would you pick? (Culture, God of War, God of War 2, God of War 3, God of War 4, God of War Collection, God of War Saga Dual Pack, God of War: Ascension, God of War: Chains of Olympus)

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Sephris  +   887d ago
I'm hoping for Jason Momoa..he has the angry Kratos face down perfect!
KidBroSweets2  +   887d ago
Vin Diesel. He also has that deep, bad ass voice too
ChiVoLok0  +   887d ago
I could hear Vin Diesel doing Kratos voice perfectly. I don't get why he gets so much hate though.
HammadTheBeast  +   887d ago
Jason Statham.
darthv72  +   887d ago
What about...
Terry Crews? Yeah he is black but they could do make-up.
gaffyh  +   887d ago
Jason Statham and Vin Diesel aren't the best of actors tbh.

I think Christopher Judge would work quite well, and yeah, the make-up thing doesn't really matter because Kratos is covered in white ashes anyway.
BitbyDeath  +   887d ago
Agreed (Jason Momoa)

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NeoTribe  +   887d ago
That really is a good match. Don't know if his voice resembles krotos.
Lord_Sloth  +   886d ago

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ALLWRONG  +   887d ago
Wouldn't you rather have actors who can actually act?
I dont think Kratos demand alot of acting skills, just be pissed off and yell alot. I think he can do that
Moby-Royale  +   887d ago
I saw him on Conan(not the movie lol).

He is actually quite charming.

I liked him in GOT.

Not too crazy on the idea of a GOW movie. But, he would probably be my pick too.
andibandit  +   887d ago
Obviously Michael Cera is the only one who can portray Kratos
Ron_Danger  +   887d ago
Biggest  +   887d ago
Her? Ann Hog? Her?
Blastoise  +   887d ago
Ben Stiller.
brodychet  +   886d ago
Dakota Fanning.
BitbyDeath  +   886d ago
Jason Momoa says he would consider playing Kratos

ritsuka666  +   886d ago
Adoni Maropis http://www.youtube.com/watc... Quan cho of mortal kombat.. this guy is perfect for this movie.
Oh_Yeah  +   886d ago
did they really ask who should play kratos? the only answer to that question is Gerard Butler...with a bald head
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DaThreats  +   887d ago
Dwayne Johnson
LOGICWINS  +   887d ago
Or Tom Hardy. Anyone who saw Bronson/Warrior would be able to see he has the intense physical acting ability for the role.
Hellsvacancy  +   887d ago
Good choice, i doubt itll happen though
Tonester925  +   887d ago
The Rock!! The Scorpion King!
Sephris  +   887d ago
That's my second choice. ^^
Psycho_PS3Truthh  +   887d ago
I will surely be watching this film of one of playstations greatest ICON, this film will make billions if they allow kratos to be the slayer that he is.
Dark_Overlord  +   887d ago
"if they allow kratos to be the slayer that he is"

I hope so too, none of that 'teen rated appeal to the masses shit', anything less than a full on brutal gore fest would be an insult :)
Campy da Camper  +   887d ago
Agreed. I wish the folks who did 300 were directing. That art style with intense fighting and killer set pieces would be awesome. Get the guys did Wrath of the Titans special effects to make the Titans and stuff.
FinaLXiii  +   887d ago
Dominic Purcell is my choice

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Sephris  +   887d ago
It's a hard choice for me. Each one of these guys is a great actor and would bring something good to the character. So I chose by face alone. :)
NastyLeftHook0  +   887d ago
keanu reeves
Sephris  +   887d ago
Hey Ted, I totally going to go waste Zeus! EXCELLENT!

Ashunderfire86  +   887d ago
Really? LOL!!!


Keanu Reeves as Krato's means a disaster film.
Oldman100  +   887d ago
DJ Qualls would be absolutely perfect.
Ashunderfire86  +   887d ago
I say Peter Mensah. He has that angry look and feel, that just fits with Kratos. Yes I know he is black, but Krato was a white man with a black voice. As long as the movie looks good and is good, it doesn't matter to me about the skin color. Look at Peter Mensah as Oenomaus. That screams Kratos to me!!!


The angry look:

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Pozzle  +   887d ago
The skin color of the actor wouldn't matter anyway because he'd be painted white for the role (since Kratos is covered in ashes). But yeah, I could definitely see Peter Mensah as Kratos.
jeeves86  +   887d ago
Yeah, but could you imagine the backlash from the general media? The people that don't know what God of War is all about? All they see is a black actor who covers himself in ash and looks white.

Not that I agree with that sentiment, but someone, somewhere will flip out over it.
BitbyDeath  +   887d ago
What about the times we see Kratos before he is covered in ash?

Would be pretty stupid if they left out his history
TheColbertinator  +   887d ago
Morgan Freeman!
George Sears  +   887d ago
Dudes to old to play himself in a movie.
George Sears  +   887d ago
Kevin Garnett
TheHardware  +   887d ago
lmao...that would be hilarious
omarzy  +   887d ago
Harrison Ford or James Hong lol.
stevenhiggster  +   887d ago
Vin Diesel, he's got the muscles and he's Latino Greek looking anyway. And let's be honest, whoever plays him isn't exactly gonna need great thesp skills, all he does is angry shouts and depressed shouts.
Bathyj  +   887d ago
Peter Mensah

Really surprised everyone isnt saying Vin Diesel since everytime theres a role for a bald character everyone always says Vin Diesel, as if other actors can shave their head.


Just actually read the article.
So basically anyone who'se bald is a frontrunner?
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Pozzle  +   887d ago
That reminds me of when Paul W.S Anderson said how hard it was hard to find an actor to play Leon in the next RE movie because nobody in Hollywood has floppy 90s hair. It's like...has he never heard of wigs or hair stylists before? lol
Ashunderfire86  +   887d ago
No not everyone bald lol!!! Stop making false assumptions. Liam McIntyre, as Spartacus, might get the role, because he is another guy that could play Kratos.


Once the role of Spartacus, Liam is now the role of Ghost of Sparta. That fits!!!

Or what about Michael Fassbender!!!! A high demand actor.

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Chris558  +   887d ago
Just no black kratos please
Tonester925  +   887d ago
Since a Black person does his voice why wouldn't he be?
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slaton24  +   887d ago
kratos is greek back in them times there were no black people in greece or athens...so that would be out of place...no not racist i like the black guy as kingpin in daredevil...lol, cant remember his name michael or something like that

oh we all no tom cruise needs to be in it...the first person kratos kills
Biggest  +   887d ago
Greeks, like Romans and Persians, were a collection of conquered nations. There were African Greeks.
r2kcipher  +   886d ago
kratos is from sparta and there were no african spartans.

anyway the game is fiction so who cares as long as he looks and sounds the part race is a none issue here.
theWB27  +   887d ago
Really? Over 20 years ago Eddie Murphy dressed up on SNL as a white man and didn't look too cheap. I'm sure in 2012 Hollywood could grab the best available actor regardless of skin color, cover him in ash and it'll look good.
jeeves86  +   887d ago
because why?
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Pozzle  +   887d ago
The actor is likely going to be painted ghost-white anyway, so it doesn't matter what color their skin is anyway.
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IAmLee  +   887d ago
jeeves86  +   887d ago
Kratos has a very distinct voice. It will be hard to find someone with that same quality. It doesn't matter if he's shouting or demanding things from everyone. It's like Homer Simpson being voiced by anyone else.
theWB27  +   887d ago
I was thinking The Rock...he's huge,tall, action comes second nature and overly athletic for his size.
Bathyj  +   887d ago
stonecold3  +   887d ago
jason stanthom
The_Kills  +   887d ago
Closest logical answer
Cannot believe no one said Gerard Butler... you know the guy who actually played a spartan in 300. He reminded me of kratos the moment I saw and heard him. Wake up people
abzdine  +   887d ago
with his chick voice ? no thanks
abzdine  +   887d ago
Chuck Norris ?
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slaton24  +   887d ago
if u r a kid read this...kids these days dont no nothing about chuck norris...walker texas ranger and all of his old action flicks especially with bruce lee were the best...if u r a grown man dude really we all no he cant cut being kratos.
GaryOak  +   887d ago
Come to think of it he'd probably be awful as Kratos.Sorry Sheamus.

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R_aVe_N  +   887d ago
LMAO well he is already ghost white XD
Kran  +   887d ago
Knowing Hollywood, they'll no doubt hire Dwayne Johnson ¬¬
Skateboard  +   887d ago
Dwanye Johnson
GaryOak  +   887d ago
*Rips off someones head*
*Raises eyebrow and stares at screen*
Fez  +   887d ago
Adam Sandler
PSjesus  +   887d ago
Justin Bieber
abzdine  +   887d ago
Chuck Norris
PCGamingNoobs  +   887d ago
okay okay lets cut to the chase, who will play the ladies!!!
rajman  +   887d ago
When the wrestler Goldberg was younger I think he would have been the perfect choice.

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R_aVe_N  +   887d ago
I could see Goldberg doing it. Never thought of that one XD
Raider69  +   887d ago
Dont let this happen!Its going to end up another poor adaptation.
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