Review: La-Mulana (darkzero)

"This game is hard. Very hard. I have less hair now than when I first saw that retro Nigoro splash screen. La-Mulana makes you realise how games have changed, and how you’re often given hints on every little mechanic as if the development teams expect players to hate the game if they don’t explain where on screen your life bar is. Instead, La-Mulana gives you a little story intro and then throws you straight into a ‘village’ consisting of more enemies than npc’s. Given very little in the way of guidance you begin your journey towards what could possibly be the right way. However, if you’re in fact heading in the wrong direction, you’ll soon stumble upon a boss - in the world of La-Mulana, you don’t want to simply stumble upon these extremely difficult giants, especially before you’ve fully worked out how to control the Indiana Jones look-a-like."

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