WWE '13 To Have New Finisher/Match Settings

THQ has revealed that WWE '13 will have some new finsiher/match settings that will change the way you normally play the game.

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CGRawchampion2228d ago

I like it. If used correctly for people who really want authentic matches at PPV's like Wrestlemania, this could be really effective

Magic_Spatula2228d ago

Looks like Yukes and THQ are trying to cram this game with as much stuff as possible, seeing as how it might be the last WWE game from THQ.

kingofgames86u2228d ago

thq has a contract with wwe until 2017 or 2018 so it wont be the last game

Magic_Spatula2228d ago

Yeah, but with all the stuff going on with THQ, they might have to give up the license like they did with the UFC. But who knows. Things might pick up for them again. We'll see.

uncharted562228d ago

Well it looks like they might go under in the next 6 months if they dont get their act together. There was an article back on this back sometime ago, you can probably find it.

GuyThatPlaysGames2228d ago

The last wrestling game that was good to me was the first Smackdown !

Tonester9252228d ago

This sound like fun. Something that is missing from a lot of games.

FutureWWEChampion2227d ago

Werd i do like this and i really wanna know more about the different match settings ugh i cannot wait till wwe 13 comes out

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