The RGF Podcast Episode 29 - Scary Game Cryer

We say goodbye to our Team RGF companion Kent as well as hitting the news, a hot HD remake debate and Loz debuts a brand new feature. What's scarier; games or films? We provide a DEFINITIVE ANSWER.

The only thing scary about us is our odour.

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gaminoz2350d ago

Hmmm that's a tough one. Films are generally more realistic looking (and there's now 3D), so if they are in a dark room with a big screen and big sound....them.

Games are interactive though, so I've probably had more jumps being so engrossed and worried that my character would die.

Sooo....a tie?

psychof0x2350d ago

The conclusion we come to at the end of the podcast is probably the right one.

Belgavion2349d ago

The Katy Perry flick advertised on the right hand side of this page actually looks terrifying