THQ Shares Plunge, Analysts Optimistic

THQ shares have plunged 30 percent in mid-morning trading following the publisher's decision to cancel major games and close a studio. Analysts, however, remain optimistic.

Games industry analysts believe that the decision to cancel games, kill off franchises and close a studio in one fell swoop will be a positive step towards a healthier fiscal 2009.

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Maddens Raiders3771d ago

Bring back Red Faction in HD and you shares will soar. Well I'd be sure to contribute anyway. 8D

marinelife93771d ago

Their games are terrible. They should get out of the business.

jackdoe3771d ago

Lol. THQ is really fvcked if it doesn't bring out a solid franchise.

Genesis53771d ago

I may be strange but I liked Summoner 2 It was a hell of a story.

BrianC62343771d ago

I recommend anyone with THQ stock to sell, sell, sell. The first sign of a comapny going down the toilet is when they cancel a bunch of projects and shut divisions down. Does THQ even make any games worth buying anymore?

KS19853771d ago

Developers who make games under THQ publishers like Yuke's (WWE) should consider moving to other publishers like Ubisoft, Activision or EA, or they could wait to see what happens next and eye out for offers.