Top 5 Post E3 Trailers: Have you seen all these?


"The greatest seasons for new exciting video game trailers may be during the E3 week and the lead into the Christmas big release period, but this year there have been an unusual number of very exciting quality trailers released just after E3.

Some have even been big budget live action trailers, which is interesting in itself, as these don’t actually show much, if any, gameplay and serve only to get us excited about the potential ‘vision’ of the game.

Here are my top post E3 trailers I’ve come across lately, with a poll at the bottom for you to vote for your favourite.

I will send the publisher the results, so get your friends voting!

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gaminoz2199d ago

Those live action ones are really well done, but do they really help us with what the game will be like?

Godem2199d ago

Nothing better than live action trailers... so exciting!

gaminoz2199d ago

Well I'd rather them than those Sony ones from a few years back which were CGI and not representative of the game.

Rather have something OBVIOUSLY not meant to be final gameplay footage (like live action) than CGI which is meant to imply end game footage.

BadCircuit2199d ago

I love how they are using music in trailers now. Really powerful stuff for video games! Even the Borderlands 2 one is great for musical choice!

Eske2199d ago

Honestly, I disagree. I feel like trailer music has gotten pretty cliched.

Making an action game, but want to pretend that it rings on an emotional level? Add a sad song, and try to capture the feel of that old Gears of War "Mad World" commercial.

Making a horror game? Have a kid sing a children's song or nursery rhyme without accompaniment. Add an echo effect for extra creepy.

Making a racing game, or a game with something that seems remotely high-tech or futuristic? Get that dubstep song (there's only one) and crank the WUB WUB to 11.

Etc. etc.

gaminoz2198d ago

That Gears of War Mad World trailer was awesome!

stuntman_mike2198d ago

or if they want impact use the inception tuba noise "BWAAAAM". they milked that one to death.

DeusExer2199d ago

They're alright, but I just prefer trailers made from actual gameplay footage, gives a better representation of the game IMO.

gaminoz2199d ago

I love The Secret World one: shows actual gameplay while using great music.

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