New Yakuza 5 screens showcase Haruka’s idol gameplay

Several new screenshots, featuring Haruka’s idol gameplay, have been revealed by Sega of Japan for their upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive title, Yakuza 5.

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Run_bare2197d ago

I enjoy 3 and 4, but sometimes it get a bit repetitive. I hope they change some of the annoying gestures and everything is voice acting.

It does not matter if they don't, I still buy and play this.

Acquiescence2197d ago

if you've played the games since the beginning. Aspiring to be a pop idol is a side of her I don't really want to see! lol

Xof2196d ago


Too creepy.

Particularly given all of the, shall we say "rumors" that accompany the idol business.

I'll probably be skipping this one for that alone.

Acquiescence2196d ago

You loco! Come on, for any Yakuza fan the rest of this game is looking incredible. You can just skip the idol stuff if you want and focus on the main campaign (I would, but... trophies).

Xof2196d ago

Yeah, sorry. Not a big fan of prostitution. Particularly underage prostitution, implied or otherwise.

HarryMasonHerpderp2196d ago

Damn these games make me feel like such a perv.
love it though hahaha.

MacDonagh2196d ago

I think it might be really interesting to see how it goes and what it adds to the story. Got to admit that it might be really odd since I've played from the first Yakuza and seeing Haruka all grown up will be pretty odd. Ah well. I'm sure Yakuza 5 will be pretty good.