CryEngine for FF7 Remake

After a lot of research into Unity, Source, Unreal and CryEngine as possible game engines for FF7 Remake, I’ve decided to stick with CryEngine 3. It offers the best graphics performance and can easily handle the vast landscape of Midgar in realtime.

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FinaLXiii2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

Final Fantasy VII CryEngine 3 tech demo coming soon hopefully.

Pretty curious how it plays out.

A Final Fantasy VI tech demo would be even more interesting to see imo with the mecha suits marching in the snow blizzard toward to the first town in the game.

coolest FF intro ever -

SkullBlade1692344d ago

Ugh you just reminded me of the terrible PS1 port of FF6 that I had with the real bad loading times for menus -_- I had a Genesis during the 16-bit times, I bought a SNES just for the RPG games such as FF6 because the load times on the PS1 version were so bad lol.

But yeah I was pretty impressed with how the intro on FF6 was handled. It would be pretty cool to see that remade, problem is it was originally made with the SNES Mode-7 mode which does not really display much detail unlike the fully 3D FF7 intro which probably why we never see demos of the FF6 one. :(

FinaLXiii2344d ago

well FF10 had also a pretty awesome intro...and FF8...and even FF9

SkullBlade1692344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

I agree with you on FF8. I've not played much of FF9 so can't say on that.

It would be pretty epic seeing the landing on dollet or even the actual FF8 intro in HD.

FF10 would be pretty good too with the Zanarkand intro, but FF8's landing on dollet would be awesome, I never thought about it until you just mentioned it lol :P

pandehz2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

Hehe not bad vid for snes

This is my fav from FF series (not an intro but pretty decent as a ff vid)

This is the intro for the same game, also pretty solid

If they were to remake FF7 in cryengine they should try and make it look like this :D

(SPOIlERS if youve not seen the movie)

SilentNegotiator2344d ago

If they want to throw away over a million dollars on a remake right out of the gate...

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Gorbenshore2344d ago

Cryengine 3 would be nice for FF7.

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Psycho_PS3Truthh2344d ago

I have lots of respect for the cryteck cry engine for its advance graphical output in making games detail like our world itself and I have faith it would make the FF7 remake look stunning on the PS3 or PS4 console. Whatever playstation version I will pick this game up because it can never get old for all eternity. This game will be fresh for now and forever.

Like the story of romeo and juliet, this Playstation 1 classic will be remembered for the rest of mankinds history on earth.

zeroskie2344d ago

I hope this guy succeeds. It's not the first time capable fans have attempted something like this? Remember the Chrono Trigger remake? It was coming along well and then SquareEnix shut them down.

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