GameStop: Wii, PS3 Software Attach Rate Continues To Lag Xbox 360

As part of a wide-ranging meeting with GameStop's management, Janco Partners' Mike Hickey discussed why the Wii and PS3's 5-game-per-console attach rate continues to lag the Xbox 360's 8.8, suggesting that Guitar Hero and a theorized Rock Band release for the Wii will increase high-margin sales for the retailer

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titntin3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Hmmm, lets see now?

Xbox has been out 2 years and the avearge user has bought 8.8 games,

PS3 and Wii have been out 1 year and the average user has bought 5 games.

Its not rocket science to see that when these machines have been on the market for the same length of time, the attach rate figure will go higher.

The figure that really bears scruitiny is the weekly attach rate for the consoles i.e. what percentage of users bought a game each and every week. For the last 8 weeks at least PS3 users have bought more games per machine than the other platforms. Using VGChartz figures as it the only source of weekly sales data I can see....
In fact if you look at last weeks sales figures for Europe, the PS3 sold significantly more software than the 360 despite having a smaller installed user base. The attach rate is almost twice that of the 360, and there were no significant releases to drive that difference...
attach rates in the US were closer, but the PS3 was still higher than the 360 and has been for the last 8 weeks +... although obviously its a much smaller level of buisness with the 360 install base being three times the size! :)

I should add I'm not sticking up for one console over the other, it just seems this misnomer over life time attach rate paints a very misleading picture if you look at the data more closely...

MadMax3684d ago

Man are you way off, PS3 has only got about 5 decent games total. Believe me i have both systems and have way more games for the 360 than i do for my PS3. Its easy, 360 has a bigger library of better games. I think i have more games for my Wii than i do my PS3, lol. Yea, you are just another fanboy who is too scared of the truth. Be honest and stop putting yourself on already. Bunk article!

hazeblaze3684d ago

Yes, the 360 has a larger library but it certainly does not have a larger library of good games! I have both systems as well, and the PS3 DEFINITELY has a larger library of must have exclusives than the 360. My best games on the 360 are multiplatform (except for Bioshock).

The interesting thing about this article is that ALL three platforms have a significantly higher attach rate now then they did 2-3 months ago though. And that's a good thing. And considering the fact that the PS3 is leading the charge in game releases again this year... expect that number to keep going up.

pharmd3684d ago

besides, like anyone who really likes gaming would trust a dumphole like gamestop, everytime i go there they just kiss ass about how bad they wish they could afford the consoles and games, nobody at my local gamestops even own the next gen systems

power of Green 3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Why did you waste your time typing all that?.

"looking at last weeks VG numbers". lol

PS3 sells more software despite having a smaller install base. HMMM... could it be that 360 owners have already purchased those games and 360 sells are slowing because every 360 owner willing to buy certain games already have them hence the slow down in sales. lol

The 360 had some monster sales in software compared to PS3 ther is only so many people willing to buy a title in any given fanbase. lol

You havn't just figured out some flaw that other pro's with raw numbers have not! fanboy. lol

Snukadaman3684d ago

ohh the usual im not a fanboy bullsheit..dont kid yourself old man..your a fanboy.

Sez 3684d ago

you do know vgchart undertrack 360 software right. look at what they had COD4,halo,and mass effect. while they overtrack software for ps3. look at games like uncharted,R&C. which hasn't made the top selling game on any NA or JP. and because their no tracking solfware sales. vgchart is able to come up with their own numbwers without being contested.

TheMART3684d ago


360 @ launch had an attach rate of 4.5 games per unit
PS3 @ launch had 1.5 game per unit (even lower then the PS2 back then @ 1.9 game per unit)

Thus: PS3 after one year has just a little bit more then the 360 sold @ launch.

The PS3 is lagging in software sales, period.

cmrbe3684d ago

That's your opinion and don't presume that there are only 5 good PS3 games. That is very arrogant of you to say.

playinitcool3683d ago

ps3's attach rate 5 games per unit
360's attach rate 8.8 games per unit

ps3's been out for a year
360's been out for two

you do the math o.O

n_n3683d ago

not everyone buys from Gamestop or EBGames... i know i don't and i buy a new game every month sometimes.

titntin3683d ago

No. I'm a game developer and long time game player who owns and enjoys all machines. I had a 360 and a ps3 since their respective launch, and I actually own considerably more games on the 360 than I do on the PS3.

I'm actually interested in games and the buisness of games, as its where I make my living. I am simply stating the rather suprising figures that for a while now each PS3 owner is buying more games than each 360 owner. I'd be perfectly happy to say it was the other way around, but thats not what the weekly sales figures show.

I do so hate and despise members like you - because I won't show alliegnece to your corporate master, I'm automatically a fan boy for the 'other side?' How pathetic, I'm just as happy to to tell a Sony droid to stop being a kid as I am one of you Gates chum's - so grow up little boy and stop seeing the entire world as 'us or them' There's a huge proportion of us here who don't care about 'sides', only ignorant little kids believe the world is black and white with no shades of grey....

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3684d ago

well maybe because of your retarded loudmouths xbots employees which are also in GAME and GAMESTATION

Genuine3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

I think that it has more to do with these links, and not some huge army of fanboys working at GS.



JasonPC360PS3Wii3684d ago

These attach rate numbers are for Gamestop only, for the people who might "actualy" think this is over all. (PS3 worldwide is 2.9)

Guwapo773684d ago

That 2.9 number was from the summer of 2007. I'm sure it has increased a great deal.

Lets just say it is 5 games per now. I'd say that really ain't bad at all with everything considered and only a year into its production.

Same time that 2.9 was reported Xbox was around 6.8 or so.

1 year vs 2 years - hence the lead. You'd have to be not willing to understand reason. The person that wrote this article is absolutely retarded if he remotely thinks 5 per in a 1 year is bad when he turns around and says 8.8 in 2 is stellar.

This is great for all the consoles and there will be NO landslide victory for either console.

LJWooly3684d ago

2.9? What the hell? I have 15 games, that means I have about 5 times more than the average PS3 owner?


EDIT: Guwapo's right, that figure's from summer 2007. Still, I have 15 games! And they're all great!! Woooooo!!!!

Fototherapist3684d ago

ten PS3 games right now. It seems to me that no matter how you look at the numbers, they are increasing. Slowly and steadily.

Genuine3684d ago

Congratulations on owning 15 ps3 games, I own 43 360 games.

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DJ3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Hardware sales, so you really need to know a LOT about a console's performance in multiple areas in order to accurately interpret what its Software Attach Rate means.

Look to TitnTin's explanation for more info. (post #1)

*Edit: It's obvious that Jason didn't read what I stated. Software attach rate is dependent on hardware sales performance. When Hardware Sales skyrocket, software attach rates plummet since the SAR is an average of all hardware owners on the market (both those who have had their systems for over a year and those who just both their console a week ago).

A high software attach rate within the first few years of a console's life cycle is actually very bad, since it signifies that hardware sales are most likely stagnating. The PS3 actually had the highest annual software attach rate for several months until the 40GB was released. I recommend looking at annual figures rather than cumulative figures when looking at software attach rates, mainly because the 360 has been out twice as long as the PS3 and Wii.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

And here I was thinking you would do that adding "Blu-Ray movies to games attach rate" song and dance to make the PS3 look good. Instead you give a politician run around, that doesnt "actualy" explain the PS3's poor attach rate. The PS3's attach rate is poor DJ and you know it, and devs are taking notice of this aswell. Your not even at 3 yet and the 360 is aproaching 8, so the 360 "out a whole year earler" argument goes down the drain when 3 and 3 make 6. You know why I don't argue the 360 poor reliability with it's launch units? because it's true and arguing with truth makes me look like you. You should try that honest aproach sometime and just accept the PS3 isn't selling games like the 360. 4 games DJ, that is all the PS3 has sold a million or more, now compare that to the 360's 29.

TheTwelve3684d ago

Umm...Jason? Read again. It's 5 for the PS3. Not 3.


Simple math shows that the PS3 is on pace to pass the 360 in this regard, as in all others, besides number of consoles broken.


Genuine3684d ago

Jason360 is refering to worldwide attach ratio, Gamestop is U.S. only.

TheTwelve3683d ago

And even in that regard, he's using really old data.


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sak5003684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

@ dj, no wrong, it just shows that most people who bought ps3 was for bd movies.

EDIT: It seems they let any idiot create an account and post in comments.

TheTwelve3684d ago

It seems they let just anyone contribute news these days...

Nice try, Sak, but the very first reply on this "news" blew up your entire spot.


DJ3684d ago

We'd love to see it. Or are you just jealous that PS3 owners get $300~400 of functionality for free.

ry-guy3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Why don't you try to read the article. Gamestop themselves have attributed the sluggish attach rate to people purchasing the PS3 as a BluRay player and not a gaming system.

Here is the quote:

"Hickey maintains [it] is likely because of the amount of consumers purchasing the latter console [PS3] specifically for its Blu-ray video capacity."

The first post was based off of VG Chartz error prone data. The Gamestop people are making their comments off of their own internal data. I would be more inclined to believe someone who is using their own data from their own stores rather than someone guestimating what was sold and how much of it.

Genuine3684d ago

ROFLMAO "$300-$400 worth of funtionality for free"

Look just because your a fanboy, you don't have to be a completely mindless slave. If you think the blu-ray player in the ps3 was free, then I've got a $20,000 set of tires that comes with a free car, that I will sell you...idiot.

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