PC Game Sales Bring U.S. Industry to $18.85 Billion in '07

PC games sales failed to crack the billion dollar mark, but with the PC total in, we now have a complete picture of the computer and video game industry in 2007. "On average, an astonishing 9 games were sold every second of every day of the year," said ESA president Michael Gallagher.

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led10903769d ago

dumb analysis 153 million units sold but we have 4 consoles(360,ps3,wii,ps2) so thats like 40 million on an average also 6.6 divided by 4 thats like 1.5 per console so thr not much diff between pc sales and individual console sales.....also wow on its own generated 1 billion in a 40% of all pc sales these days are online which is not calculated by cut the long story short this comparison is flawed