How Call Of Duty Became A Recruitment Tool For The Armed Forces

Call of Duty is undoubtedly the biggest video game franchise ever. With its exposure outweighing that of most films and television programmes, has Call of Duty, and games similar to it, become an inspiration for young people to join the armed forces and live out the fantasies for real that they see in games every day?

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Summons752230d ago

ummm I'm pretty sure call of duty has nothing to do with the recruitment of new fact it has nothing to do with anything that isn't one massive exposition

WeskerChildReborned2230d ago

So military will now start rushing and forgeting the objective? Oh my lord...

Mainsqueeze2230d ago

All of our new soldiers are going to be careless with their lives because they forgot that they don't respawn either.

Blastoise2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Lol imagine if the army was just full of people jumping off roofs and doing 360 spins trying to quick scope people

GuyThatPlaysGames2230d ago

Haven't you seen our snipers out in the battles doing 360 quickscopes? It's amazing! lol

Irishguy952230d ago

It's not trying to be at least.

Mutant-Spud2230d ago

I posted on a gaming forum years ago which was moderated by this guy, Dan Rosenthal, he served in Iraq and had some interesting things to say on military themed games:

HammadTheBeast2230d ago

Yeah. Because the army totally has no recoil guns and laptops with chopper gunners programmed into them.

ForTheFallen2230d ago

I see a lot of sarcastic remarks about the game, but very few mentions of how the game glorifies the US military as the embodiment of nobility and righteousness.

I think that's pretty telling by itself. The lack of comments also says that this is a "elephant in the room" sort of issue.

Hufandpuf2230d ago

And you think the TV ads for the military don't do that already?

ForTheFallen2230d ago

An Ad on TV is a very different story than a blockbuster game endorsing something based solely on political bias or pandering to a heavily propagandized group for money.

robavila952230d ago

I've seen many little COD kiddies that they wanna join the Army just cuz it's like COD, but I don't think they would actually do it when they grow up. What really annoys me though is that COD kids think they are weapon experts...

I'm talking about the kids of course. Any normal grownup wouldn't think of joining the Army basing their decision on an arcadey shooter.

BX812230d ago

It's all fun and games till you're calling up your t.o.c with confirmed friendly k.ia's. I seriously hope no one decides to join any branch of service after playing a video game.

h311rais3r2230d ago

Lol there was this kid in my local reserves who legit asked if she could use dual shotguns. No joke.

BX812230d ago

Lol. My first deployment, i saw this soldier with a ninja sword attached to his back. I didnt know weather to shake my head or laugh.

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